Apple will pay more than 2.7 billion yen as infringing a pager patent


Apple tried to pay $ 23.6 million (2.76 billion yen) as a trial conducted in the federal district court in eastern Texas that infringed a patent of Mobile Telecommunications Technology (MTel).

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Lawsuit against Apple was licensed company "MTel" made by United Wireless Holdings. MTel is a pioneer of "psychologist" SkyTel which was popular in the 1990spagingIt is a company that manages patents related to systems.

MTel initially filed a lawsuit that Apple's iMessage and email applications infringe on seven patents owned by the company. The total amount of the damages claimed was $ 237 million (about 27.8 billion yen) due to the payment of 1 dollar patent fee for one terminal that can use iMessage and mail application such as iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch It was.

Several patents were expired at the time of the trial, but as Apple infringed six patents, MTel claimed about 23% of the 237 million dollars claimed as damages, 23.6 million Payment of dollars is ordered.

Apple commented that "MTel has appealed everything as if it were his own to an invitation to emoji or calendar." Apple's lawyer, Brian Ferguson, criticizes MTel's attitude that "the amount of damages claiming $ 237 million is not common sense."

MTel's business model isPatent · TrollIt is very similar to those of 2012, and since late actions against 2012 against Amazon, AT & T, Blackberry, Clearwire, Leap Wireless, LG, Sprint, Nextel, HTC, ZTE, T-Mobile, Samsung, United Parcel Service etc , And most of these are still being carried forward in the courts of the Eastern District of Texas.

MTel's patents that Apple believes infringes are the following six patents.

Patent 5809428 - Method and device for processing undelivered data messages in a two-way ... - Google Patent Search

Patent No. 5754946 - Nationwide communication system - Google Patent Search

Patent US 5894506 - Method and apparatus for generating and communicating messages between ... - Google Patent Search

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