Mos Burger's "Teriyaki burger" delicious taste review, a new form delivered by Teriyaki Burger's ancestors

Mos Burger, who released Terriyaki Burger for the first time in Japan's chain in 1973,Sharp Spicy Teriyaki Burger"We sell.

Special taste in traditional sweet Teriyakisu sauce By combing with spicy flavor, we present a new taste, but how much does it really have?

Details are as below.
MOS BURGER | Menu | Hamburger | Delicious Teriyaki Burger

Menu of "Teriyakibaga delicious hot spring" in the shop front. It is 340 yen for single item.

A few minutes to order and wait, this is delicious Teriyaki burger. It is characterized by surprisingly many lettuce.

Viewed from the side.

I removed the buns. Mayonnaise is on.

It's hot spicy on the lettuce.

Patilli is painted with familiar teriyaki sauce.

When I first ate a bite, I felt the spicyness of the pepper sauce contained in the spicy sauce. If you try licking only the sauce, the throat gets rattled hard. However, when we try to eat buns, patty, lettuce etc. together, as a result of dilution of spicyness due to Teriyakisu sauce, mayonnaise, lettuce moisture, etc., the spiciness becomes the accentual position of the taste and it is a balanced finish I understand well.

In addition, Mos Burger unique shakijaki lettuce and dusty patty underpin the taste, making the total satisfactory taste. Is not it a good dish for those who like painfulness, as well as those who want to improve appetite?

Next, I made a long-selling rice cake "Bakana" to Teriyaki burger taste "Moss's idiot Teriyaki burger flavor". This is also sold at the Mos Burger shop front from March 23, the price is 100 yen.


It contains rice, sugar, soy sauce, honey and others.

First collaboration product with Mos Burger

The calorie per bag is 183 kcal

Where I opened it

It does not change as it looks like "regular bukkake"

It is difficult to reproduce the taste of Teriyaki Burger with sugar soy sauce-like taste, but it is a dish that feels like a terribly involved feeling like Teriyaki Burger. Rather it is a taste that reminds me of "Grandma's grilled potato". Although it is a snack confection, the taste is not too strong, and it is nice to be eaten with crisp.

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