A world map color-coded by the size of a man's instrument


A world map which color-coded each country by the average size of male genitalia appeared. There are considerable differences depending on the region such as Asia, South America, Europe, and it is quite an interesting map.

Details of the unusual world map are as follows.World map of The Penis Size Worldwide (country) by Country - TargetMap

This is the world map.

The color breakdown is that the green is the biggest size and the red is the smallest.

It is also possible to display the average size of the country by matching the pointer to the country.

By clicking the red frame, you can see the ratio for each color like this. Yellow green seems to be the most.

Let's look at each region. In North America, Mexico is larger than Canada in the United States than in the United States.

It is followed by South America. The three countries of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, located at the northern end, and Bolivia are the largest, and the size is getting smaller as it goes down south.

About half of the countries in Africa are gray, but this means that there is no data. There are many countries with high scores such as green and yellow-green impression.

And Europe. Although it is not as large as South America and Africa overall, only Hungary - is the highest ranked green.

Russia with vast land is the second position from the bottom.

The Middle East seems to be smaller than Europe as a whole though it stands out in a country without data.

Each country of Oceania is a small group seen worldwide.

And Asia including Japan was the lowest in the world.

By the way, I heard that the average size of Japan is 10.92 cm.

In the red frame below the map, country and size, source source of data and measured year are listed.

It is also possible to sort, sorting in order of "cm" in descending order. The maximum is 17.93 cm of the Congo average.

I tried ranking by region.

1. South America · Africa
2. Europe
3. North America
4. Middle East
5. Oceania
6. Asia

In addition, this world map is made based on the data of the following page.

Penis Size Average Results by Country

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