Movie summarizing how the human space shuttle is completed by thousands of people working at NASA in 100 seconds

Located in FloridaNASAofKennedy Space CenterIt is a movie that the events of thousands of people working at the parking lot gathered in the parking lot and form a space shuttle made of human beings in 100 seconds.

People gather at a tremendous speed, and it seems that the way it goes away is simple, but the beauty that is also familiar to the space development that "people accomplish something together" appears.

The playback of the movie is from the following.YouTube - Kennedy Space Center Employees Assemble for Historic Photo

The movie starts from a photograph of the completed state. A gathering that looks like a parking lot in the foreground is a human space shuttle created by NASA's employees.

Spacious parking lot that has not done anything yet.

People gathered in three directions, upper, right and left, and began making rows.

People move at a stretch, and we will first create a space shuttle framework.

After the framework is established people enter inside ... ...

The population density will gradually rise. People inside are a bit tough.

Scenes where people who think that they are giving instructions move around the space shuttle.

Suddenly the rows moved to the outside of the space shuttle.

Apparently it seems to be surrounding the space shuttle.

Finally completed. The Space Shuttle where only those people gathered has a tremendous density, but symmetrically it seems that the surroundings have gone quietly as Garang.

People started to spread, exactly like scattering the spiders as they finished photography.

Are they going back to their workplaces?

Some people still remain in the place where there was a space shuttle. It may be talking about today's events.

And it is a picture taken by this. You can see the participating people are wearing colorful clothes.

This event is a space shuttle "Columbia"It was said that it was held in commemoration of the 30th anniversary this year from the first space flight by.

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