A version using European countries appeared in the tetris game "Statetris"

BeforeTetris "American Statetris"I introduced a new version using the European countries this time. Difficulty is decreasing because there are many countries that understand at a glance and countries that are similar in size do not have so much.

Access is from the following.
MapMSG.com - Statetris-Europe

title screen. As before, Easy is in the same direction as on the map with the display of the country name, the country name display disappears when it is Medium, the direction also changes if it is Hard.

Easy is like this. The parts are big.

There was a country where the position was slightly misaligned, and it was redone several times.

Medium. Although the country name display disappears, it seems that the small country is displayed as it is because it is hard to understand.

It took 4 minutes.

Hard. More problems worry about where the country is for a moment.

After all, the country name is still displayed in a small country, and the direction also falls as it is.

For some reason I could clear it faster than Medium.

If Africa version appears, it seems quite fertile.

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