Indian police force the thief to force 40 bananas

It seems that Indian police forced thieves to eat 40 bananas within a short time. This is because he tried to recover the gold necklace that the thief swallowed.

Details are as below.
Indian cops go bananas over necklace thief Oddly Enough Reuters

In the Calcutta of India, a woman stole a gold necklace of 45,000 rupees (about 13,2700 yen) occurred. Police and local residents caught, but at that time the perpetrator Sheikh Mohsin swallowed the necklace. Mohsin denied having swallowed a necklace, but confirming that a necklace is in the stomach by a hospital X-ray examination. The doctor advised to use banana instead of laxative.

The police watched Mohsin all night, he went to the bathroom three times, but the necklace never appeared. "We have to figure out a more powerful laxative," said the police officer.

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After that, the police authorities succeeded in removing gold necklace from the body by having chicken, rice, local bread etc. eat. "A man is hoping to be released and I do not want to hear anything about bananas," a senior official said.

For another robber arrested before, the banana seems to have worked well, perhaps whatever it takes if you eat a large amount.

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