Android mascot and dark side are dancing too anyhow

It is the event of Xperia Arc in Taiwan, with the image that Android's mascot character of official name unknown, so-called droid you are dancing at anyway a tremendous momentum.

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Android on

The movement is amazing anyhow

Movement like double speed reproduction

Resting on stage

Funny thing ...

Nevertheless I will continue dancing and I will soon come close to this

It is a cheerful droid who dances with such a tremendous momentum, but a new mobile phone that combined PSP and mobile phone "Xperia PLAY"It has changed and changed a terrible figure, and it is not exaggeration to say that the job is exactly dark side, dark side.

※ Please view the movies below from here on your own risk

YouTube - Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. Android is ready to play

Somewhere behind alley

I have something in my hands

Further to the back

We will move forward into a building with doubtful atmosphere

Look back and always check whether the pursuit is not coming or not

And arrived in one room

The dark doctor gives us instructions that we possess

Receiving dark doctor

I will cut the bandage with scissors

this is……?

And finally Droid got to get "something" that was missing to play Xperia PLAY at last ... ...!

There is also a sequel.

YouTube - Xperia PLAY "The Donor"



Under hearing

While I was floating and making noise, I fainted and seems to have taken "something" ... ...

Please note that the above two CM movies are official CM because they are created by Sony Ericsson and released on YouTube.

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