Fantastic time lapse pictures capturing the rapidly changing aurora

Following the violently acting aurora once in a few years, Norway's landscape photographerTerje SorgjerdA lot of pictures taken by Mr. over a week in the cold of minus 25 degrees are summarized in beautiful time lapse images. The aurora shining while changing from moment to moment is really beautiful, is not it appropriate for words such as "fantastic" "mysterious"?

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Snow scene at dusk.

Although the aurora appears even during the day, observation is difficult because it is a very weak light compared to the sun's light, and after the sunset it is a good opportunity for viewing aurora / shooting.

Since the photograph of the aurora is basically taken with a long exposure, the moon is reflected more brightly than seen with the naked eye.

Aurora shining while changing shape quickly.

The moonlight, contrast with the city lights is a really beautiful scene.

All the photos, landscape photographerTerje SorgjerdMr. Norway near the Russian border by Mr.KirkenesIt was taken in the suburbs, in and around Pas National Park.

The temperature during shooting was about minus 25 degrees.

An aurora like a flame in the horizon.

Aurora can not be clearly seen with the naked eye as seen with a camera, it is an extent that it is whitish and vaguely shining, but as far as the bright aurora of activity and the naked eye it turned out to be quite moving Is not it?

Because the aurora is raised above the clouds, it may not be visible from the ground due to the weather, but the aurora that shines through the cloudy sky is also good.

Green type like fireflies' light is the most frequent type and easy to see with the naked eye.

When you see the green aurora, the upper part (altitude of over 200 km) often glows red, but human eyes have types sensitive to this red light and types that are not so, how much sight is good It seems that people can not see the red aurora with the naked eye.

In the time lapse image, you can see well that the stars are moving not only by the movement of the aurora but also by the rotation of the earth.

By the way, BGM is a movie "Gladiator"It's about a song called" Now We Are Free "from the soundtrack of.

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