"Thank you rabbit" came out on AC's commercial power up to "Great Thank you rabbit"

Protests flooded from viewers with massive CM broadcasts,For some reason "AC Japan (Former Public Advertising Organization)" will post an apologyIt seems to have created a direct cause to wind down "Greeting magic".

Its power is tremendously flowing repeatedly in the brain, and I think that there are cases where it is almost similar to the brainwashing state, but a powerful movie that came here and broke it appeared. That name is "Great rabbit thank you"As its name suggests, it is great.

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Great Thanks Rabbit


Hello one

Thank you

Thanks rabbit

But suddenly jumped up Thanks Rabbits started deforming!


About now


Zoom in to the crown

Head appears

The brilliant "AC" mark

Bika Aaaa

Given the power of my life ......

Bikini biki bike

Dad, Great Rabbit thank you! It is!

Eh ~ ♪

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