"IPad 2" was actually disassembled, the manufacturing cost was revealed, and the supplier of the internal parts also revealed

Apple's latest tablet terminal "iPad 2", which was released in the United States in the past, was disassembled and the manufacturing cost became clear. It was released last SeptemberThe manufacturing cost of the new "iPod nano" is only 3000 yenWell, how much is it for iPad 2?

In addition, the suppliers of internal parts etc are also clarified, so you can learn more about the configuration of the new iPad.

Details are as below.
IPad 2 Carries Bill of Materials of $ 326.60, IHS iSuppli Teardown Analysis Shows

According to a press release announced by familiar survey company "iSuppli" by disassembling the iPhone and iPod series and calculating the manufacturing cost, 3G and Wi sold for $ 729 (about 58,800 yen) - The manufacturing cost of 'iPad 2 (32GB model) compatible with Fi is said to be 326.6 dollars (about 26 6400 yen).

This is a 32GB model 3G and Wi-Fi compatible "iPad 2"

When disassembling, you can see that the display module and the battery occupy most of the main body.

The main board is like this. "A5 processor" which operates at twice the speed of the first generation, flash memory made by Samsung Electronics, DRAM (512 MB) made by Elpida, etc. are adopted.

Breakdown of costs. The display is 127 dollars (about 12,200 yen), flash memory and DRAM are 65.7 dollars (about 5300 yen), the electronic parts are 35 dollars (about 2800 yen), the battery is 25 dollars (about 2000 yen) to the top. There are slight differences between the CDMA 2000 compatible model and the W - CDMA model.

In other words, it will be a profit of 402.4 dollars (about 32,200 yen) to sell one 3G compatible iPad 2 of the 32GB model, but in reality this calculation is only the cost of hardware Furthermore, costs such as software license fee and various royalties will be added to this.

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