Really disassembling the iPhone 3G, surprisingly low manufacturing costs revealed

Previously at GIGAZINEIs the manufacturing cost of iPhone 3G lower than that of iPhone?I told you that it was actually decomposed and the investigation company decomposed and examined the manufacturing cost.

As a result, it became clear that the manufacturing cost was surprisingly low.

Details are as follows.
ISuppli Corporation: Applied Market Intelligence

According to this release, the actual manufacturing cost of the iPhone 3G is calculated to be 174.33 dollars (about 18,800 yen) per 8 GB model, which is expected to be 173 dollars (about 81,800 yen) in advance It seems that it was an almost unchanged forehead.

This is significantly lower than the original iPhone's 8 GB model of 280.83 dollars (about 29,400 yen), which is also lower than the 4 GB model, which was 245.83 dollars (about 25,800 yen) It is amount.

In addition, manufacturers that provide each part are also disclosed. Flash memory is Toshiba, wireless LAN and Bluetooth chipset are Murata Manufacturing Co., and application processor is provided by Samsung.

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