A 74 year old man who has been falling for 38 years in school exam

It seems that a man in India who is already receiving pension already has been falling asleep in the exam of the school for 38 years. There are things that I can not accept at all, which is amazing, but there is something stunning for the challenging spirit that never gives up.

Details are as below.Pensioner fails school exams for 38th year - Telegraph

Mr. Shiv Charan, 74 years oldHigh school (10th grade)I am spending a lot of lives to pass the exam, but I heard that it was rejected except for one subject even in the exam conducted this year. Only Hindi gained a score of 34% and passed somehow but it was only 14% in English, 17% in science, 25% in Sanskrit and 5% for mathematics. Still Mr. Shiv tests because he swore not to get married until it passes, he said that he has been receiving every year since 1969.

Mr. Shiv says, "It is better for me to die than to retract the previous word."

He still remains a single vice without breaking his oath, which seems to lead to motivation to take the exam as well. "I will continue to take the exam as long as I live to get a wife," Shiv says. From the 15-year old classmates, it is called Pappu with close friends, but there are things that have been locked out from the test site by being mistaken as a student's guardian.

Shiv is a little deaf and difficult to move quickly, but still continues farm work still enough for stamina to take the exam. He is already preparing for the exam next year, he says that "my wife is 30 or younger" is said.

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