A surprising number exceeding the imagination that the history of five thousand years tells, a topic turned broom sweeping car also ran China surprised collection

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis.

Search engine is not GoogleBaidu, SNS is neither Skype nor facebookQQAnd the world standard will not pass in China. There is no China in the world. The history of China's 5000 years can not be fully measured, and the Chinese world is spreading to China.

Every day in such a Chinese was a series of discovery and surprises. I also found a broom sweeping car that was a topic on the net for a while. This time I would like to introduce the Chinese surprised collection I gathered during my stay.

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Glass fence. It is a substitute for barbed wire.

Red cross. There seems to be a general "Red Cross" and Muslim "Akazuki" and "Red Cross" for Chinese people in the world. Red for China is red.

The watch of the hotel. It is a specification that watches of countries all over the world are decorated for reception of a nice hotel. Most of the guests are Chinese.

TV brand is "PANDA".

Outdoor unit of air conditioner. Is it a thief countermeasure?

From here it's a series of foods and drinks. First of all, konnyaku jelly. It is also sold in China.

Of course in this country there is a note of less than 3 years old, children and elderly.

The handle of the PET bottle of drinking water is also beautiful as it is variously stuck. People who jump.


Palm tree.

milk beverage. this is……! Is it?

Corn ice cream. Corn is an indispensable flavor for Chinese people.

Next is a book, a DVD edition. "Doraemon in the UK", Chinese are studying English while reading comic books. As Japanese people read this, I recommend studying Chinese and English at once.

English → Russian, Russian → English dictionary. I got it before entering Kazakhstan within the Russian-speaking part of the former Soviet Union. It is a book that the English specification is glad, not Chinese specification. I also have British and French and English dictionaries. It is amazing.

Chinese divorce DVD. The contents are united.

Continue to the restaurant edition. Son Goku is a trademark fast food chain store.

Bruce Lee is a trademark fast food chain store.

KFC 's kernel · sanders and two melancholy. "Discovering a sister-like character of Kernel Sanders in China"Previously GIGAZINE made an article, did not he?

Here is the real kernel Sanders.

Signboard ad editing. Signs of "of".

A sign of the supermarket. Do not you feel uncomfortable with this baby? The crotch is in China.

Advertisement. The drawn pig is strangely cute.

Seven wolves. Not a "lone wolf" but a "wolf and seven babies", what kind of thing can you put in?

Koei's advertisement. The fact that Japanese companies are gaming and promoting the Three Kingdoms from China.

One step ahead, civilization one big step. In front of a urinal, I took a photograph with excitement thought that it was a meaning to say "This step is a small step but it is a big step for civilization", but when I look it in, it means that civilization in China means courtesy it seems like.

Idea equipment ed. Blowers are a good tool of civilization.

Solar light shower. It was a mechanism that warms bags hose connected with sunlight.

Solar kettle. Collect sunlight and boil water.

"Hataraku car". This is a Chinese version transformer. Such a picture ......

To the track.

That is still, this is ......

It's combine. What are they doing?

A car carrying a lot of loads.

Then a broom sweeping car will pass. It was a big excitement when I found this one that was booming for a while. Even GIGAZINE "China introduces a cleaning machine equipped with a large amount of bamboo poles for road cleaningIt is an article which became an article as "an article.

Since the broom is inclined to the shoulder, it spits out garbage on the road and makes it beautiful.

The movie at this time is here.

YouTube - Charriderman discovers a broom sweeping car

And I encountered another one another day.

I saw that I was sweeping the road with human tactics, so I can not respect the success of this broom sweeping car.

How was it? Could you be surprised? The country where 1.3 billion people live is deep.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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