This is "Simplified Gokushon", I tried collecting simplified Chinese characters that seem to be oversimplifying

"Individual" ...... This is not a symbol, it is a kanji. Simplified Chinese was the future form of Kanji. Both Japan and China use kanji, but they are not the same glyph. In China simplified Chinese characters such as simplified letters are used.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. When you travel in China you can see unexpected kanji. Every time I turned my head to full looking for the original kanji. Feeling like a quiz. The refreshing refreshing feeling when the mystery melted does not stop.

◆ What is Simplified Chinese?
There are no hiragana or katakana in Chinese like Japanese. Therefore, all sentences are written in kanji. Disney Land which opened in Shanghai also "迪斯尼斯园"is.

However, I am tired when writing sentences with only kanji. It was invented to alleviate such a burdenSimplified charactersIt was a letter shape. It is the same change as the new Japanese font that we decided like Yu → Yen, Country → Country.

Even in Singapore and Malaysia, which has many Chinese, it incorporates simplified letters. On the other hand Hong Kong · Macao and Taiwan are close to Japanese old fontTraditional ChineseI was using it.

◆ Simplified Quiz
In May 2016For Mongolia visitI visited China for the first time in about seven years. Since I had been worried since a while ago I tried collecting simplified letters full of daily life in China. This is "Simplified Gokuson".

...... That's why, suddenly it is a quiz. What kind of Kanji would be the next simplified Chinese character in Japanese? In all 30 questions, please answer the answers at the end so please challenge. (Since there was a part that I made a mistake in kanji partly, I put together the correction points at the end)


02:A job

03:A net

04:A wind







11:Far away







18:A gate


20:A guest

twenty one:

twenty two:The east

twenty three:Redemption

twenty four:Beautiful

twenty five:Progressive



28:A dream



Well then, the answer.
01: 为
02: Job affairs
03: net = net
04: Wind = Wind
05: Industry = Business
06: electricity = electric
07: Sun + Sun
08: Killing
09: 广 = 広
10: Park
11: Far away = far
12: 奋 = 奮 (Not * Equipment = Equipment)
13: Smoke = smoke
14: Nazo yuu
15: When hour = hour
16: Audience = supervision
17: Desk = Machine (※ Chinese is not treated as "desk" as "desk")
18: gate = gate
19: 卫生
20: Guest = Guest
21: 儿 = 児
22: East = East
23: Repayment = refund
24: 華 = 華
25: progression
26: head = head
27: Opening up
28: Dream = Dream
29: 严 = severe (※ product = not production)
30: 焖 = 燜 (※ Chinese characters meaning "stewing" by cooking law)

By the way, what was at the head of the article
. In addition, the following kanji is considerably simplified.

Agriculture = agriculture
丽 = 麗

◆ In the city of China
I cut it down one character at a time and tried it as a quiz, but it is natural that I do not know it. Please also be safe for those who said quizzes could not be solved at all. Actual Chinese makes words, so we can guess from the previous and next kanji. It is difficult only by "dynamic", but you can understand it as "an animal zoo". It is a zoo.

Kanji in the actual city of China was like this. This is a photograph of the past trip.

Nakdo Automobile Passenger Transportation (Nakagyo Automobile Customer Service)

Ryukuu water washing bath (Long ring water washing bath)

Huizhou Electric Power Branch 您 您 (华信 電 宾馆 您 您)

Kindergarden (childhood garden)

Mitsukuri ride (Merida bicycle)

If there are a lot of strokes, it is Taiwanese traditional character, Japanese new style, Chinese simplified character? Remembering the three fonts seems to be both a Kanji master and a Chinese master.

By the way, I simply did not understand this simplified character.

On twitterI asked the follower, "Information" about whether it is "valve".

· 2016/07/27 8: 07
Fixed wrong reading of kanji reflected in the photograph.

Eleventh question of simplified Chinese quizzes. I used the problem as "luck" and the answer as "luck = luck", but in the first place I made a mistake in the first place,Far away"was. This is a simplified Chinese character of "far".

In the photograph taken in the past trip, there was a thing called "Hakui Electric Power Bureau" ___ ___ ___ 0You "was wrong. "Welcome" to "Hakko Hikaru(Welcoming callament) ", although there is no problem even at" welcoming ", here" 迊 迊 "is used.

About the last kanji. In Japanese, after the war, by rewriting homonyms, I gathered several kinds of kanji into one. One of them is "valve", "One (辦),辩 (辯),,,辫 (辮)All are summarized in "valve".

At first I thought that it was a lawyer's "valve", but the lawyer uses the second "辯". The first issue in question is the letter that is used as a lodging room (辦 公司 = 事務室) and is said to be a "valve" of a joint venture. If you do not know the meaning it will be wrong to use like myself, so be careful.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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