I tried going around here about how Japanese comics are sold all over the world

There are no countries in the world that love comics more than Japan. Many of the comic magazines published every week, there are a number of works published there. Manga expresses everything from adventure, sports, love, to cooking, history, politics, economics, religion. It is not only us Japanese that have been attracted by this comic. Many people crossed the sea and was loved by many people.

Hello, I was reading only Doraemon when I was a little girlTakuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. I was pounding on my secret tool which comes out one after another from my pocket. I was watching a movie. To the mirror world, to the end of the universe, to the kingdom of the clouds, I admire such adventure so it may be that I am traveling abroad like this now.

Doraemon in China.

Dragon ball of Mexico.


I found a bookstore overseas and I was looking for manga. Everyone familiar character speaks fluent foreign languages. Overseas cartoons were like this.

◆ United Arab Emirates
Although it may be hard to understand when writing "United Arab Emirates", it is Dubai. In Dubai, which is rushing about sightseeing promotion to escape from the economic structure that depends on the export of natural resources, the world's largest class cinema, aquarium and ice rinkShopping mall called Dubai Mallthere is. There was a Kinokuniya shop in Japan, and English manga books were lined up. It becomes the same book as America and England. So purchase English Dragon Ball cartoon.

There will be many boys who grew up with animation, movies, cards and dragon ball. Recently from the persistent popularity, the movie that drew Freeza's resurrectionDragon Ball Z Revival "F"", A new series of cartoons depicting after the fight with the monster Boo"Dragon ball superAnd a new work is made. Published in 2013 "Dragon Ball Z God and GodThe movie was screened in Peru in South America and it was exciting. Even overseas, Dragon Ball is getting popular.

In the English version, the final volume is like this because the dragon ball is 16 volumes and the dragon ball Z is 26 volumes and the composition is divided into two.

The back cover looks like this. Because there is no cover, it looks like a convenience store in Japan.

It was 34 dirham (about 1150 yen).

Toriyama 's illustration drawn with a powerful line feels something that is familiar to the American comic. Alphabetical onomatopoeias such as "VMMMM" "BAMM" are also natural.

English is fluent goku.

◆ Italy
Kudo Shinichi, a high school student detective, became an elementary school student due to the influence of drugs administered to black organization. Detective Conan is an innocent cartoon that Edogawa Conan that "Becomes a child, brain is an adult" has resolved a number of difficult problems. In 1994, the series began with Weekly Shonen Sunday, it was made into a live-action drama, and collaborated with Lupine the 3rd. We also often see it overseas. The English version has the title "Case Closed", Shinichi is Jimmy, Orchid becomes Rachel.

Detective Conan in Italy was entitled "Detective Conan". Detective is English which means detective, if it is this, the English version also seems to be "Detective Conan" with the title.

A table of contents is attached at the end of the book. Next to the fence of Japanese publishing company, introduction of dragon ball. It cost 3.90 euro (about 530 yen), and it was a handy price for Europe.

Although it is thrust with the character quantity and novel like novels, even in Italian, the page is filled with lines.

The difficult to understand Japanese "SHOGI" had an Italian caption.

◆ Brazil
"NARUTO - Naruto" which started serializing to Weekly Shonen Jump from 1999 and completed the long - term series of 15 years last year in 2014. Its popularity is not limited to domestic, it is overwhelming even overseas. Many foreigners will be attracted to the setting of Japan's unique ninja. I saw such Naruto in Brazil.

Before leaving the country, there were coins remaining and I found the manga at just the right time, so I purchased "NARUTO - Naruto" 65 volumes.

The pirate mark familiar with jump is a little pretty figure. It was 10.90 real (about 425 yen).

It is the scene where successive Hokage is resurrected by injured rebirth. The phrase "Japanese Hokage in Hokkaido" is "Portuguese" ... OS QUATRO HOKAGES (Four Hokage) ". In South America, Spanish is the only official language, but in Brazil Portuguese is the official language.

"Negari" "Trap ant trail" and Japanese is intact, with a Portuguese caption.

A glossary is attached at the end of the book, and Japanese that can not be translated such as "SHIKI FUJIN", "SHINIGAMI", "SHINOBI", "SHINSUU SENJU" are translated into Portuguese It explains in.

As it is at the airport, the situation of Brazilian cartoon is also enriched like this. Many cartoons were translated into Portuguese.

◆ Russia
In Russia also purchased "NARUTO - Naruto". "Moscow is said to be the largest"DomkunigiI got it in a bookstore named, but as far as handling of manga is counted. The place which is said to be Akihabara of Russia on the previous day is also visited,Like MexicoIt was impossible to get a manga. There seems to be a specialty shop somewhere, but it was not a country that cartoons are close to.

"NARUTO - Naruto" 17 volumes barely available.

The Romaji "NARUTO" isCyrillicIn "Наруто" will be.

Introducing the author.

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Cyrillic letters, but with the same name as Japan. The name is first, the last name is after.

Cyrillic letters used for the whole Russian notation are used.

The onomatopoeias such as Gagagagaga and Bokoboko remain katakana. A small Cyrillic alphabet was also written next to it.

Explanation of "sake" drawn on Choshi outside the frame of coma. Illustrations that only Japanese people know are accompanied by such descriptions.

A cat crying "мя-aу (Miaau)" in Russian.

At the end of the book DEATH NOTE and Dragon Ball were introduced. These Russian versions are also worrisome.

◆ Thailand
ONE PIECE was also published in the Guinness Book as "Comic Series by Single Writer Issued Most Widely", achieving cumulative number of issued copies of 300 million volumes. Even among travelers, it is about to be discussed as "hot expansion so far". Even during my journey, there were about three peaks. Popular overseas, one of the cartoons definitely put on. Such an ONE PIECE was also in Thailand.

Get 72 volumes. It was 50 Baht (about 180 yen).

I can not read it as it is Thai language. However, the story is transmitted somehow even with a picture.

The pirate mark familiar with jumping has changed to the appearance of an elephant Mr. Thai who loves and does not stop.

Discovered a bookstore with a large volume of manga-related magazines and books on the back of Khao San Road which is crowded with backpackers.

Inside the store, there are narrow and cartoon books lined up.

It was like fulfilling a manga like a Japanese bookstore.

◆ Malaysia
Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and Malaysian, where three ethnic groups live, Chinese comic books, which is the mother tongue of Chinese, was plentiful. However, we can not grasp the actual situation because we have only suspicious rights relationships. In such a situation, Doraemon had an official version, and it was quite apparent at a large bookstore.

Chinese version of Malaysia written as "哆 啦 A dream".

It was a price of 5.90 ringgit (about 190 yen).

One scene of the story that Dorami is the protagonist "Nessie comes". The dialogue has become kanji, but the same simplified letter as mainland China is used.

The end of 6 volumes is "Good-bye, Doraemon", one boundary.

Just like in Japan, at the end of the book, "Secret tool encyclopedia" was listed.

Because it is the same Shogakkan, there seems to be a copyright of the detective conan.

Symbolize Kuala LumpurPetronas Twin TowersIn the big shopping mall where Isetan also enters near, it is also operating Kinokuniya Shoten. I also have books in Japanese, but as local large bookstores I was crowded with local people. This is where the English and Taiwanese cartoons are arranged.

So I bought a Taiwanese version of "Advancement Giant (Advance Giant)" that became a hot topic in Japan. "I" is used in the meaning of "A".

In Taiwan one book seems to be 100 Taiwan dollars (about 400 yen), but in Malaysia it was 18.21 ringgit (about 600 yen), which was a bit pricey a little expensive.

All the lines will be in Chinese, but the Chinese characters are more complex traditional characters than Japan.

The appearance of a super-large giant, the shocking spread, "The first time in 5 years" is the Chinese word "Five year death".

The addition of the margin page also became all Kanji. It has a dignity like an old document.

A Chinese version of a manga seen in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

I did not buy it because I was so damaged, but there was also a Malay language-like manga. I also wanted a new item for the Malay version, but I searched for various book stores but I could not find it. If so, I'm curious what the book was.

◆ France
In Europe, it will be the country with the most cartoons. Manga books were also arranged in supermarkets such as Carrefour. Especially I remember "ONE PIECE" and "FAIRY TAIL" were popular. Not only Japanese big hit manga, but also quite a few minor titles, all kinds of comic books were translated into French.

The hints and puzzles that were stretched around the built story setting. The alchemist of Steel, serialized in a boys gangster and the best hit by the same magazine, is sold in France as a title "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST".

When I removed the cover, an illustration was on it. Of course, I translate.

The contents which become full-length French like "BON VOYAGE (good journey)".

A dog that says "ouaf - ouaf (Wah - Wah)" in French.

An extra 4-frame manga was also alive.

There was also a favorite Doraemon. There is a subtitle "La Chat venu du Futur" (cat from the future).

An explanation that you can see what kind of manga is on the back cover.

An animal transformation biscuit, Nobita who became a cat. "I am surprised that C'EST MON VISAGE!? (This is my face!?)". Originally it was a cartoon for children, so French was easy and easy to read.

At the end of the book there was an extra page explaining foods that were not familiar to French people such as "Dorayaki" "Mochi".

There was also a French version of "Bakuman." Which depicts the two boys' comic struggling to fight as a cartoonist. The cover is with Japan, but it is written "Version Francaise (French version)" in the left corner and "Kana (publisher) in the right corner.

This is also famous as a manga with many lines, the French version also in this situation. The translation seems to be tough.

It is a scene that reminds me of the manga "Sagi mystery detective Hikake" written in the note when I was in elementary school, but it was alphabet up to that logo.

A scene that makes two people read the criticism of the editorial department without bringing in the names brought in. Everything here is French, too.

The name of the extra page was truly Japanese as expected.

"Mountain" which was also made into a live-action movie on the theme of mountain rescue is entitled "VERTICAL" meaning vertical in France. T's alphabet represents Pickel.

The pattern of calm feeling, French was very suited.

In this way France is full of manga, but it is considerably higher at 6.6 to 6.8 euros (about 900 to 930 yen) in a boys' comic. When it was a youth comic, I did 8.05 euros (about 1100 yen). However, if this book is circulating this way, there is a secondhand bookstore as well as Japan. In the center of Paris there is a pretty large second-hand bookstore, and you can buy second-hand cartoons about half price.

Besides manga, it was a second-hand bookstore where various books were placed.

Manga is placed in a considerable space.

There are too many comic books, so even one shelf displays two stages, front and back.

Moments of the season were lined up so as to follow the trend of Japan.

It was a new book that was placed on a flat stack.

With this kind of feeling, Japanese cartoons were considerably penetrated overseas. I could not introduce it in the article, but there is also a Spanish version in South America.

A character born from a cartoon adds value to goods without change. To the extent that it is in line with the American Disney, Japanese cartoons can set up a character business. On behalf of the manufacturing industry that has only to decline, it may be manga to support Japan. Depending on the location, unlike the American "Comic", Japanese genre "Manga" is being established.

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