Clearly not related to frequency and SIM card slot presence in Japan deployment of CDMA 2000 version iPhone 4

IPhone 4 compatible with the CDMA 2000 system was announced for the US biggest mobile phone company "Verizon" this January, but notice whether KDDI which supports the same communication method will make domestic sales Are gathered.

Unfortunately KDDI president, Mr. Takashi Tanaka said in a Q & A session of the third quarter financial results presentation "I'm sorry but I would like to say "no comment" about the iPhone"There are a lot of users to be amused.

Since it is impossible to make a comfortable comment as the negotiating partner is an Apple who wishes to pass through a thorough secretiveism, it seems that there is no way to make such an attitude, but in the first place in the country CDMA 2000 version iPhone Is it technically possible to release 4? Although iPhone 4 differs from the specifications for the domestic smartphone currently on sale, I asked KDDI what to worry about. Details are as below.
About the CDMA 2000 version iPhone 4, the following two points to be particularly interested.

· Does frequency correspond to them?
· SIM card slot is not installed and specifications are different from the smartphone currently sold by KDDI

Regarding frequency, I contacted KDDI last June,For the new 800 MHz band currently undergoing maintenance, the up / down band is based on the international standard type "Therefore, there seems to be no problem in particular.

And since the specification differs from the smartphone KDDI currently sells and iPhone 4 compatible with CDMA 2000 does not have the SIM card slot, it is possible to determine whether or not the service can be used even in models not equipped with the SIM card slot in KDDI As a result of the inquiry, it was the answer as below.

As for the old model of CDMA 1X or WIN, there was a time when it does not correspond to the SIM card, As for the use of our network, existence of SIM card correspondence is not directly related.

In other words, since the former mobile phone does not have a SIM card slot and adopts a format in which subscriber information is written directly to the terminal, the presence or absence of the SIM card slot is not particularly related to the use of the KDDI service, Even smartphones such as the CDMA2000 version iPhone 4 that adopts the format can use the KDDI network.

In addition, the HTM EVO 4G smartphone released overseas last year was released the other day,It was announced as "htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11 HT"Even though I thought that there was no SIM card slot even when opening the battery cover,Frequency or presence of SIM card slot is not a barrierIt seems.

Apparently, it seems that there is not much to say "I can not enter the CDMA 2000 version of iPhone 4 domestic sales for technical reasons", but what will be the result in the end?CDMA 2000 version appeared also on iPad 2 following iPhone 4Just to be concerned about the future.

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