We admit that KDDI is a policy to launch "WiMAX-equipped smartphone"

It was reported that KDDI President Takashi Tanaka, who assumed office on December 1, revealed that it is a policy to release "smartphones with WiMAX".

If it realizes, a terminal that combines both high-speed UQ WiMAX with downlink 40 Mbps and uplink 10 Mbps and wide au in area will appear, but I asked the public relations department of KDDI for details.

※ The above picture shows high-performance Android smartphone compatible with CDMA 2000 and mobile WiMAX released overseasHTC Evo 4G"is.

Details are as below.
Current affairs dot com: Wimax equipped terminal release = rewinding with smartphone - KDDI

According to the news agency report, KDDI president Takashi Takashi said that he revealed policy to release smartphones equipped with WiMAX during FY2011. Although the company was lagging behind on its smartphone, it is planning to rework the WiMAX line that we can provide high-speed, stable data communication that subsidiary UQ Communications can provide as weapons.

President Tanaka points out that the amount of traffic will explosively increase for smartphones rather than traditional mobile phones, and some mobile phone companies say that smartphones are becoming more difficult to connect due to the rapid spread of smartphones, and data communication To the WiMAX line to maintain the quality of the mobile phone line.

In addition, GIGAZINE editorial department went to the KDDI Public Relations Department to cover this matter. The contents and responses inquired to the KDDI Public Relations Department are as follows

Do you really have plans to release smartphones that support WiMAX?

KDDI Public Relations Department:
It is a fact that President Tanaka makes such remarks in individual interviews.

It is said to be "during the year of 2011", but what is the specific release date?

KDDI Public Relations Department:
This is also the same as President Tanaka said.

Would you tell us if the terminal is handled by a domestic manufacturer or is it an overseas terminal like "HTC Evo 4G"?

KDDI Public Relations Department:
Although we are not planning to announce specific details yet, we do not plan to make a press release for the time being, but "WiMAX-equipped terminals appear"President Tanaka launched UQ CommunicationsEven thinking from that, I think that it is "flow" in a sense. The remark of this time means that we narrowed down the timing of WiMAX equipped terminals to some extent.

Thank you very much.

For 2011, it will be called the summer 2011 model at the earliest, and if it is late as the winter model 2011, if the communication speed increases dramatically, exchange of videos taken with the camera and YouTube etc. We will be able to comfortably enjoy video content services and so on, so it seems that places of activity of smartphones will be expanded.

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