"NEOGEO Station" where NEOGEO (Neo Geo) title can play with PS3 and PSP appears, also supports battle and cooperative play

In February this year it will be 20th anniversary of birth,Ended in 2007I was supportingAcceptance resumes"NEOGEO (Neo Geo)" famous for "100 mega shock" that had been in the milestone year, etc. will be playable on PS3 and PSP "NEOGEO Station"Has appeared.

It also supports on-line battle and cooperative play, etc. Softs and others that have never been transplanted are also available.

Details are as below.
NEOGEO Station

According to the official page of NEOGEO Station, NEOGEO title will be delivered to PS3 and PSP from "PlayStation Store" from December 22nd.

Neo Geo Station | NEOGEO Station

Each title delivered corresponds to battle play and cooperative play using the online function of PS3, and also corresponds to battle & cooperative play using PSP in ad hoc mode of wireless LAN.

In addition, various optional elements not added to the neo-geo of each time are added to each title, and various settings of the game such as arrangement of operation buttons and screen size, saving and playing of replay data, interruption saving and loading can be done at any time during play etc. , Support function for enjoying play is enriched. As with the original, Neo Geo Memory Card's mechanism is reproduced.

Title List | NEOGEO Station

Ten titles to be delivered from December 22 are below.

Fatal Fury - Fighting Fate -
Metal slag
Samurai Spirits
Ryuuji fist
ASO II - Last Guardian -
League Bowling
Baseball Stars Professional
Magician Road

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