Pictures that can not be born with meat ball fetish, you can fully enjoy the flesh of a cat from just under. Various pictures

It is a picture that you can look at cats from angles that keep cats at home or those who love a cat photo too much will not have seen much.

It seems to have taken a cat gently on the scanner or copier, and operated the equipment. Paws close to the ground contact surface are emphasized, so it's only fun for meat ball fetish.

A scanned picture of the cat is from the following.Cat Scans: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Light brown hairy fluffy.

The pattern of three tortoiseshells is sharp.

Because I took it in a dark place, only the nose with a beautiful pink flesh and floating in the dark seems to emerge.

Here is a beautiful meat ball clearly.

I am watching this with a cursed eyes, but it seems strange that the tummy coat is crushed perfectly. Because the picture quality is very good, this may be a picture of a cat lying on a glass table etc.

It is amazing to know that cats are just somehow even if this image quality is rough.

It seems that the part far from the ground surface becomes unclear.

It looks like she copied her face to a distorted mirror.

The hind legs buried in the coat of the stomach are quite tasty.

A slightly rough image quality produces a rather good effect.

It's pretty cute looking down the tightly tied mouth.

He is well behaved well.

A paw of a pink and black mottled feature.

While being scanned, it was a sleepy sleep. It seems that the liver is pretty much standing.

The screen has gone out of white, but I know it as a cat with one paw.

The device seems to be dirty ... .... It's fun to watch pictures only, but it's quite tough to actually shoot.

She seems to be wearing socks because the color of hair is white only at the toes.

It is a reflection of a slightly bad face on the contrary to the pink flesh ball.

Here is also a cat with a bad look.

The last one was taken at a normal angle. As this cat is standing still, the paw may not be able to take only things of the hind feet.

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