Will not you go see a lot of reindeer in Scandinavia? Reindeer reindeer collection taken at the roadside

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A lot of forests are spreading in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Northern Europe. Among the Northern Europe, the high latitude place is a paradise of reindeer with less population density. There is no day when you are running on the road and do not see the reindeer. Please have a reindeer collection of gems taken while driving on a bicycle.

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It is around here that there are many reindeers.

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It was northward from Finland 's capital Helsinki. Reindeer showed up entering the northern part of Finland called Lapland.

I get surprised when my bicycle comes close.

I see a reindeer every day since I entered Lapland. When I thought that reindeer's horns were discarded near the warehouse casually, it started to move and I was surprised. It seemed to be talking with the public while sunbathing.

Reindeer is watching here. It seems that caution is strong.

Reindeer who desperately runs on the road.

I am eating grass aside while running on the road. As the bicycle approaches, it will escape.

Reindeer who is in the forest.

Reindeer who eats heralds.

Then I will enter Norway. From here it is full of reindeer. I was crossing the house nearby.

Watchfulness is not that strong and you can take big pictures.

Reindeer who is eating grass in the rest area.

There is a reindeer in the vast landscape. It is the left center.

A reindeer in magnificent nature.

I can now see the reindeer in the herd.

If you think you saw several flocks

I will gather somewhere.

This is the main unit. It is full of reindeer.

And this time the movie is here.

YouTube - The appearance of reindeer's main forces

Even this alone was amazing, but I encountered many more flocks. I gradually approached and took a lot of pictures.

Looking at animation like this.

YouTube - a movie full of reindeer

When returning from this flock to the road, a ranger who seems to be the owner of this group with four wheel buggies says "I was able to take a good picture". Such a ranger is a picture of another place, but it is such a person. It was a massive and richly feeling person in the forest.

This man appeared in the place I was camping at night and asked me the next morning again. "Because it was not cold? It will cause a fire" will make a bonfire. I was recommended as "Reindeer meat meal?" So it was a big problem.

It was rather salty because it was salted meat, but it was not bad.

I think that I saw it in Finland is wild, but in Norway it is raised as livestock. It seems that the products of reindeer meat are also lined up in the supermarket and it is established as an industry. This breeding method is also outstanding and has been released in a considerably large land. It seemed that he did not give food and seemed to be doing management so that growth would not escape by nature. Ranger also said "I have to check the fence, because the reindeer will not return because he does not return."

I saw a lot of reindeer in Northern Norway from Lapland in Finland. The sign of "reindeer attention" was also like this in Finland ... ...

In Norway like this.

You can easily encounter reindeer on this neighboring road. Why do not you go out to the Northern Europe to see reindeers?

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