I ate a bowl of tea at the Tokushima Tokushima Tokyo Univ. Of Tokushima "Ramen Tokyo University" in the afternoon "Tokushima Tsukemen Tokyo University" aiming at "Tokyo University of the Ramen world"

Eating log Tokushima ken ramen TOP 100"Ramen Tokyo Univ." In fact this time it is also a gourmet hunt target store of gore ★ Asobi, I actually went to the "Tokyo University Oita main store".

In this "Ramen Tokyo University", the menu is different between day and night, changing in the day "Tokushima Tsukemen Tokyo University" to a signboard, it changes from a ramen shop to a tatami-ya shop. Noodle is a slipper made from wheat made for Sanuki udon, home made extremely thick noodle shikosico. Soup is based on animal soup plus the flavor of vegetables and fish and shellfish, and it is realizing soup which was thick but it was made into a soup. How does it taste?

That's why I tried actually eating the "Tokushima Tsukeme Tokyo University" review from the following.Tokushima Ramen is the No. Ramen Tokyo Univ.

Arrived at Ramen Tokyo University. It opened at 11 a.m. and it was still under preparation at this time.

When waiting for a while, a different sign boarded from the top of the signboard came down. Instantly changed from "Ramen Tokyo University" to "Tsukemen Tokyo University".

This is what it's like inside the store. IH heaters are installed one by one in every seat.

Order "Tsukemen (A)" and toppings "Pig Slice", "Chashu" and "Taste egg". First I will wait for noodles while warming the soup with IH heater.

The soup started boiling as soon as possible. Reduce the temperature of the IH heater.

First of all, "tossing pig slice" came out. Chashuwashi and taste eggs will bring me with noodles.

I will soak it in soup.

When eating, pig slices are thick and rich. The fragrance of the bonito soup that entered the soup successfully wrapped the eggs of the meat and was finished in a tasteless flavor.

We also have a bimonthly menma. It is fresh and pleasant feeling that the crunchy tooth correspondence. Because the taste of Menma itself is not so strong, it seems just about to soak in soup and eat it.

Tsukemen noodle appeared here. Chashuw and taste egg are also on top.

First of all, from the barbecue.

Keeping the temperature of the IH heater at about 80 degrees, the soft fatty lettuce of the barbecue will melt as a thoroughfare. Meat is thick and refreshing. Lipstick is soft, melting and melting makes it very delicious.

Next is taste egg. Yolk is good at maturity.

Egg itself has a taste, but it is still recommended to soak it in a soup and eat it. Soaked in a soup a little warmed egg eggs have a tasty gentle taste very firmly, respond adequately to eat.

And Tsukemen. Featuring noodles, it feels like midway between udon and ramen. Although it is soft, there is Koshi as a prepuri, it is familiar to soup well. Whether the soup is blending a number of ducks such as pigs and birds, complicated richness comes out. The flavor of the meat-based duck and the bonito link are well harmonized, and there is no taste with protruding punch, but the balance is good and easy to eat taste.

If you ordered all the pig slices, sliced ​​chishou, tasty eggs, and toppings, you can have enough stuffs even when the tsukemen is serially lined. Even after we finished eating noodles, we left topping, but we can taste slowly as it is a taste that can be enjoyed even with a single unit.

As a whole impression, contrasting with a type noodle of a type where the fragrance of fish and shellfish such as Rokuro stands out, it is a feeling which is a success example of a wearing noodle which emphasizes balance by combining a plurality of ducts. I was surprised at the IH heater installed in each seat, but it is very nice to be able to eat it by warming the eggs and eggs sufficiently when actually used. When I came to Tokushima it was a noodle shop who wanted to stop by.

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