Intel announces the ultra-small SSD "310 series", weighs only 10 grams in the size of the conventional one-eighths

Intel, known for partnership with Micron Technology for high-speed SSD, has announced the "310 series" of extremely small sized SSDs.

Compared with the 2.5-inch HDD size which had been deployed conventionally, the size has been reduced to 1/8 in addition to being only 10 grams, which is a very light model, and the laptop computer Of course, it is expected to be installed in tablet terminals, etc. In addition, by combining with the HDD, it is realizing to improve the performance of the personal computer.

Details are as below.
Intel announces the Intel SSD 310 series which achieves performance equivalent to that of conventional products with a size of 1/8

According to Intel's press release, the company has announced the "Intel SSD 310 series" which realized the same performance as the one of the previous one with the same performance as the highly evaluated SSD "Intel X25" series . There are two kinds of lineup, 80GB model and 40GB model.

The "Intel SSD 310 Series" is ultra-compact size and achieves high-speed operation, and it is said to bring out excellent flexibility, durability and extensibility to innovative design products and devices, as well as laptop computers and the latest Tablet terminals, built-in applications for energy-saving and durable industrial applications, etc.

In addition, the connection interface supports the SATA interface of onboard PCI Express (PCIe) mini connector, single drive netbook, tablet terminal and handheld device, and combines "Intel SSD 310 series" with high capacity HDD It is said that it will be possible to raise the performance of PC up to 60% when building dual drive.

Body picture of "Intel SSD 310 series". The main body size is 51 mm × 30 mm in length and width.

Compared with HDD.

Thinness is only 5 mm

If you line up with small change you will find compactness.

Although it is a concern transfer rate, the 40 GB model has a reading speed of up to 170 MB per second, a writing speed of 35 MB maximum per second, the 80 GB model has a reading speed of up to 200 MB per second and a writing speed of 70 MB per second.

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