SanDisk Introduces World's Smallest High-Performance SSD "iSSD" to Enable Miniaturization and High Speed ​​of Tablet Terminals

SanDisk is the world's smallest size SSD that realized high-speed transfer "ISSDWe announced.

It is a model mainly for mobile personal computers and tablet terminals, but because it is a super compact size smaller than stamps, it not only contributes greatly to miniaturization of the terminal itself, but also enables high performance to be realized It is.

Details are as below.

SanDisk Launches Solid State Drive (SSD) of the Smallest Size and a Large Capacity of 64 GB
Introducing iSSD, the first product as a new category "embedded SSD", to support the rapidly growing ultra-thin tablet PC and mobile PC market

According to SanDisk released, the company is the first product of the new category "Embedded Solid State Drive (SSD)", a new category that offers performance and capacity that is smaller than stamps but superior to existing storage solutions, "iSSD Integrated SSD) "developed.

This is an image of iSSD. The body size is smaller than stamps 16 mm × 20 mm × 1.85 mm, the super compact model weighing less than 1 g, the capacity ranging from 4 GB to 64 GB lineup. Transfer speed is fairly fast, despite its read-out speed of up to 160 MB per second and writing speed up to 100 MB per second, despite being mobile-friendly.

I actually brought it. It is clear that it is very compact.

Also,BGA (ball grid array)It supports an industry standard serial ATA interface in the package, it can be used on any motherboard, and it is also compatible with major operating systems. Because the main body is compact, we can hope to contribute greatly to the development of tablet terminals and ultra slim mobile devices.

In addition, already iSSD has been provided for terminal development makers and it is considered that major manufacturers are currently conducting evaluations,Each company plans to release a tablet terminal for the end-of-year sales battleIn recent years, does tablet terminal realize high performance by adopting iSSD? Because the mobile terminal is prone to neglecting the transfer speed of the built-in memory, it is a very worrisome place.

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