"Gtitter (っ っ っ た ー)" that mutters the bitches at ease, can also be encouraged by users

Even though there is a prolonged recession, there is nothing to be cowardly, but even if there is something unpleasant, if you keep writing that bitches with SNS such as microblogging service "Twitter" or "mixi"It was avoided by people of followers and mymiks, and it was possible that exchange was cut offThere is a problem.

In addition, there is the possibility that others may be biting when they do such a thing, and in the worst case it may think that they may lose credibility socially, but such people In order to anonymously confuse grumble, "Gtitter (っ っ っ た ー)"Has appeared. Because it is possible to encourage each other between users, perhaps it may lead to vitality tomorrow of those who want to bitter complaints.

Details are as below.
This is a service "anomaly" that mutilates grumbles anonymously.
I got it - Anonymous Tweet Service that everyone empathizes with everyone's bitches

An example of bitches is like this. Although I have just started the service and there are few bitches, I think it is great to be able to write frank feelings without fuss.

Post form. It is a very simple thing just to choose the object to complain and your own gender, and to write the content.

You can choose from a wide variety of subjects.

After that you can post only by pressing 'Gotchoko' button. By the way how much you can post anonymously, perhaps it may be better to avoid content that would allow third parties to easily guess posters.

I want to clean up what I want to complain this year within this year and I will greet you with a refreshing feeling ... ... Is not it quite bad?

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