Number of Bluesky users reaches 2 million; post viewing function without account will be released at the end of November 2023 & migration function to other SNS will start in early 2024

The development team has announced that the number of users of Bluesky , a decentralized SNS with a UI and functions similar to X (formerly Twitter), has exceeded 2 million. The development team also revealed that they plan to add ``the ability to view Bluesky posts without an account'' around the end of November 2023.

Toward Federation and an Open Network - Bluesky

With existing mainstream SNS, it is not possible to carry over posting content and follower information when moving to another SNS. Bluesky has adopted the decentralized SNS protocol `` AT Protocol '', which is being developed with the aim of building ``a system in which users can manage their own information and transfer it to another SNS while preserving posted content, follower information, etc.'' The Service allows users to post short texts and images. You can understand what kind of service Bluesky is by reading the review article below.

``Bluesky'' account creation procedure & review like this when you actually use it, it's very similar to Twitter, so it's a good place to transfer or move - GIGAZINE

Bluesky has a like function and a repost function, and can be used with an operation similar to X. For this reason, it has attracted attention from users who are considering migrating from X, and when a limit on the number of posts viewed on X was set on July 2, 2023, the server would go down due to an explosion of new registrants. The high degree of attention was highlighted by the fact that this occurred.

SNS 'Bluesky', which is attracting attention as a destination for switching to Twitter, temporarily suspends new user registration due to an explosion in server load, possibly due to a continuous increase in new subscribers due to restrictions on the number of Twitter views - GIGAZINE

Newly, the Bluesky development team reported that the number of users reached 2 million on November 16, 2023.

Furthermore, the development team revealed that ``a feature that allows you to view Bluesky posts without an account'' is scheduled to be released around the end of November 2023. Up until now, users with specialized knowledge have been able to view Bluesky posts without an account via the API, but the Bluesky official web app does not have a function to view posts without an account, and general users have no account. To view posts without it, you had to use a third-party service like Skyview . If Bluesky's official post viewing function is released, it will be easier to view and spread posts than ever before.

The development team also revealed that they are working intensively to realize the ``federation function that migrates from Bluesky to other SNS while preserving user information'' in early 2024.

The future roadmap of AT Protocol, which is the basis of Bluesky, can be confirmed at the link below.

2023 Protocol Roadmap | AT Protocol

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