The number of users of 'Bluesky', a leading candidate for Twitter transfer, has exceeded 100,000 & the sending of invitation codes to waitlist registrants has also resumed

It has become clear that the number of users of the decentralized SNS ' Bluesky ', which is attracting attention as a transfer destination from Twitter, has exceeded 100,000. In addition, we have resumed sending invitation codes for waitlist registrants, and it is said that it has become relatively easy to obtain invitation codes.

Private Beta Update & Roadmap - Bluesky

Bluesky is an SNS that uses the open-source distributed SNS protocol `` AT Protocol '', and development continues with the aim of realizing an `` ecosystem that can migrate to another SNS while maintaining posted content and follower / follower information ''. I'm here. Such Bluesky has attracted a lot of attention from users who are thinking about moving from Twitter because its appearance and operation feel are similar to Twitter , and GIGAZINE official account ``'' opened on Bluesky already exceeds 500 people. Users are following you.

According to a blog post published by the Bluesky development team on June 2, 2023, the number of Bluesky users reached 50,000 as of April 2023, and exceeded 100,000 at the time the blog post was published.

User registration to Bluesky requires an invitation code, but to obtain an invitation code, either 'Register on the waitlist and wait for an invitation code to be sent' or 'Regularly issued for existing users It is necessary to take either of the following methods: 'Transfer the invitation code'. However, the sending of invitation codes for waitlist registrants has been suspended for a long time to wait for the construction of the content management system, and it has been difficult to obtain invitation codes. According to the development team, the construction of a content management system that can handle an increase in the number of users has been completed, and along with this, invitation codes for waitlist registrants have also been sent again.

To register for the waitlist, first access the link below.

Home - Bluesky

When the following screen is displayed, click 'Join the waitlist'.

Enter your email address in the entry field labeled 'Enter your email' and click 'Join Waitlist' to complete registration on the waitlist.

Once you get the invitation code, you can register as a user by following the steps explained in the article below.

'Bluesky' account creation procedure & review like this when actually using it, it's very similar to Twitter, so it's pretty ant as a transfer / moving destination - GIGAZINE

In addition, there is a GIGAZINE official account ``'' on Bluesky, and we are distributing GIGAZINE's new articles. If you are using Bluesky's official web application or official iOS application, you can follow the GIGAZINE official account by accessing the link below. - Bluesky

If you are using the official Android app, the Bluesky app may not start even if you access the link, so please search for 'GIGAZINE' on the user search screen.

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