Pointed out that Facebook is spamming competing 'Mastdon' related posts

It turns out that Facebook is

spamming posts that mention the open source social network service 'Mastdon ' and the URL of Mastodon and deleting the posts so that others cannot see them.

Facebook Is Censoring People For Mentioning Open-Source Social Network Mastodon | The Changelog

Developed in open source, the miniblog Mastodon is known as a 'decentralized' social network service that is not run by a single company. John Goerzen Mr. software developers, and from services such as Facebook from the previous to 'get the revenue to display the ads in that keep the user on the platform', tilt the fear of the user, an adverse effect on the society pointed out I've been doing it . For this reason, Goerzen argues that Mastodon, which is not operated for commercial purposes, can promote healthy use of social media.

Goerzen, who claims the harmfulness of the attention economy including Facebook, published an article on Facebook in November 2020 referring to Mastodon, but regarding this post, Facebook said, 'Community standards for spam. I received a warning saying 'I violate.' The warning said, 'We have standards to prevent fake advertising, fraud, security breaches, etc. Your post is not visible to anyone else.'

Goerzen has never received a similar warning on Facebook in the past, and Goerzen believes that 'competitor open source Mastodon may have been caught in Facebook's filter.' Also, if you try to dispute that you have received the wrong filtering from Facebook, 'You can usually request a review, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the number of content reviewers is small, you may not be able to follow up. There is. ' There was no way to ask questions about the community's decision to violate standards or send details about the objection to Facebook. In addition

, Goerzen reports that the Mastodon project URL itself is subject to spam on Facebook.

Also, similar reports have been made by people other than Goerzen.

On the other hand, there is an opinion that 'Mastodon does not seem to be a threat to Facebook', but Hacker News says 'It is cautious from the experience of working for a large and ethically challenging company (not Facebook). As far as we can go, it's no surprise that companies are pushing down their competitors gently and aggressively. '

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