Rice used "Moe Minori" from Akita Prefecture, which imaged "rice noodakods" appeared

Television Animation"K-ON !!"As the insertion song of the 20th episode, I sang a love to overflowing rice"Do you like rice?Although there is a song called "rice" which imaged this song, it appeared.

The product name is straight "Rice is a side dish", Mokominori which is the brand rice of Akita is used as a raw material, Yui is drawn in a package.

Details are as below.
【Rakuten Ichiba】 【Free Shipping】 "K - on!" Original product "Rice is a side dish" from Akita Prefecture "Moe Minori" use 【22 year brand new rice】 No wash rice 436 g 8 bags set 【Marathon P 02】: Gold bud rice, no Toyo rice in washing rice

Toyo Rice sells. "Rice is a side dish" is a set of 436 g × 8 bags containing "Moe Minori" which is the brand rice of Akita prefecture in the original package containing illustrations that are the hero of "K-ON !!". The price is 4000 yen (tax included · shipping included). By the way, this package illustration is an image, and in reality there are different possibilities.

There is also a rinse-off rice measuring cup with 3 rinse-free rice in it, so we can cook immediately without sharpening so that people who cook for themselves will be saved.

In addition, because it is said that it is delivered by cardboard with illustration with only illustration at the time of delivery, it may be better for those who think to order quietly and silently to the family.

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