A ridiculous mascot featuring Akita specialty "kiritanpo" as a motif appeared

Akita's planning and selling souvenirs etc. "FleurA company called Akita 's specialty dish "Kiritanpo" has made a ridiculous mascot appearance as a motif.

The mascot is actually sold as a mobile phone strap etc.

Details are as below.
This is the mascot "Kiritenpo" with motif Akita specialty "kiritanpo". This is "Kiritonpo Netsuke".

And "Ziriginpo zipper" of the fastener mascot. Be careful not to get caught.

Finally "Kiritonpo earpick." There are some resistance to get into my ears ....

It is said that it will be released soon at road stations in Akita Prefecture, and the price is 367 yen including tax each.

If you have something to go to Akita, you might as well buy it as a story of a story.

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