Pictures of Armadillo Lizard Highly Popular as a Pet with Very Low Distribution Volume

I live in a dry desert in southwestern South AfricaArmadillo lizardIs a type of Yoroi Lizard. When protecting ourselves from enemies it was named because behaviors that round the body with a tail like it look like Armadillo. This appearance seems to be quite expensive as a pet, but it is very rare that it is distributed, it seems to be one of pretty expensive pets.

A picture of such an armadillo lizard is as follows.
Armadillo lizard requires export license of the exporting countryWashington Convention Annex IIIt is listed in. South Africa also has few habitats and few births, so it is severely protected, and it seems that it will hardly be imported in the future.

Normal time.

Rounded like Armadillo.

This is a rather small individual. Large individuals grow to about 21 cm in length.

Larger pictures can be seen below.

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