Taste of Komachi - Dojin Rice "Toho Akitakomachi" of Touhou Project sold at Touhou-Con

As we've reported, the first ever dojin-rice "Touhou Akitakomachi" featuring Komachi Onozuka (whom first appeared in Phantasmagoria of Flower View) were sold at the Touhou Project-Con "6th Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai (Annual Hakurei Shrine Festival)" held on Sunday, March 8th. As we happened to be attending the con, of course we've purchased, coooked and ate it, to find out how the doujin-rice tastes like.

Read on for details and pics.
Touhou Akitakomachi purveyed by doujin-circle Tsudoi tei for 2000 yen (about 22 dollars) at the event held at Tokyo Big Sight.

1kg sack. It says "Sanzu no kawa meibutsu" (Special Product of Sanzu River), for Komachi is a shinigami(Death) who provides passage across the Sanzu River.

A little window showing the rice.

Milled on February 26th, 2009.

Comic strip on the back.

Freebies bundled with the rice.

A tote bag to carry the rice.


Two brochures.

Informs you "How to cook delicious rice" and "Trivial informations about Akitakomachi rice".

When we came back from the con, a sack we pre-orderd from Toranoana (in case we couldn't buy it at the con) had been delivered.

It came in a box.

Came with the same pamphlets. Tote bags were exclusively for the con-goers it seems.

So we've got two sets of Komachi rice. It might break some heart to cut open the beautiful package, but rice tastes better freshly milled so we promptly opened one, cooked some and took a mouthful.

Cooked shiny and beautifully in an electric rice cooker. Tasted quite good, too.

All "Touhou Akitakomachi" sold out both at the con and Toranoana, but there might be some still available at doujin-shop D-stage.

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