The criminal also turned out to be a blood-knit homicide, in fact it turned out to be a film shooting set

A room with a hotel hit by a fire was found to have been a murderous murder site even though it was found to be an unscrupulous murder site, both the fire department and the police fell into a big panic, the police chief said, "The most miserable place in the 35 years of career However, in fact, a rare incident occurred that it was a set of movies.

Originally this hotel was also famous for being witnessed by ghosts, so it was a white-faced arrow as a place of film shooting, but the set seems to be powerful enough to deceive the criminal eyes.

Details of the incident are as follows.Old Horror Movie Room In Burning Hotel Gives Cops, Firefighters Fright - Washington County News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh

Fire fighters got to the scene after being informed that the long-established hotel "George Washington Hotel" was burning and found that the blood was scattered in one room of the hotel, the sky drink bottle was rolling and shocked I received.

The room was on the 4th floor of a 10 storey hotel facing the main street in the south. The situation at the scene is quite bizarre, with blood clinging to the floor, pillow and mattress, the hair which falls out of the scalp in the middle of the bed seems to have fallen. Besides, vulgar words were written on the wall by blood sticks.

The Washington Police Station 's chairman JR Blyth said the site felt it was the most ecstatic murder scene in his 35 - year career. He entrusted the investigation of this "crime scene" to several subordinates. However, as a result of the investigation, it turned out that this bloody scene was a set used when photographing a horror movie.

"We declared that the room was a crime scene, so anger came up knowing that it was a set. I called the detectives who were in the investigation until overtime and did not tell them "The Blyth chief says, He talked about things also on TV programs, but contrary to his anger, the viewers and the performers laughed a lot.

Blyth chief who is appearing on TV.

Two years ago, this room was used to film the movie "New Terminal Hotel" starring Corey Haim. The owner of the hotel does not know whether this room will be used for shooting again, and the room was left as it was after the shooting, so the misunderstanding concerning this fire occurred.

The hotel was famous for ghosts, so it was a cool place to shoot horror movies. Since the hotel was built in 1923, it is said that more than 12 people died in the hotel. Because of that reputation, the president and famous actors stayed at this hotel, and that the deceased four people came out after Mr. Kyrk Pyros, current owner, bought the hotel 7 years ago.

Fortunately there was no serious injuries in Fire under fire, which is a basement laundry room. Fortunately, five people suffered smoke, so they took oxygen and received an allowance. To make it think that it is genuine to the police chief who saw a lot of murder scene, it may be that it was quite a work as a set of movies.

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