Dead bodies in the balcony are misunderstood as Halloween decorations and left untreated

As the eve of the Catholic saint's day, decorate with decorations with motifs such as "Jack O Lantern" and OBAKE, which pumpkin cut through,HalloweenHowever, it seems there was an incident that the dead body of a man who had fallen on the balcony was misunderstood as a Halloween decoration and left for several days.

Is it that the real dead body is mistaken for a Halloween decoration, the real Halloween decorates it real?

Details are from the following.
'Weekend At Bernie's'-Like Scene Unfolds in MDR - Los Angeles News - LA Daily

According to this article, on the evening of October 15th local time, a corpse of a 75-year-old man was found on a balcony on the third floor of a group residence in the area of ​​Marina del Rei in Los Angeles, USA. The corpses found were found to have been shot with guns, and corrosion progressed for a few days after death, causing an unusual odor to drift.

Actually, the neighboring man seemed to have witnessed a man who is falling down on the balcony on the 12th, but he seems to have left it as a decoration of Halloween. The dead body was left as it was for about 3 days, and on the evening of the 15th, the residents of the second floor noticed that the blood drifted downwards from above and reported to the police and said that the body of the man was discovered.

This is the balcony where the body of the male was found

It is considered not to kill a murder from the situation of the site, but to shoot himself and lose his life. However, it does not seem to know at the moment whether it is suicide or accidental death.

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