A man living in Hollywood is arrested by a samurai sword at his companion

A man in the Hollywood area famous for the movie in Los Angeles City, California, USA, arrested a man who killed herself with a Japanese sword and chased her injury.

Police: Hollywood Man Attacked Girlfriend With Samurai Sword - Miami News Story - WPLG Miami

According to Mara Berrios, the victim, her friend, Gil Camacho (49), had a bad temper in the bedroom, pushed her over the floor, and shook a Japanese sword over his head. After that Camacho defended his face towards Berrios' face, and she got a deep scratch on the arm she gave to protect her face.

Gil Camacho responded with a Japanese sword

Mara Berrios who was cut off by a partner

Camacho said she picked up the cell phone so that she can not inform the police after cutting down Berrios. She was able to receive allowance thanks to the adult son of the defendant who returned home she saw the situation of the incident, wrapped her wound with a T - shirt and brought it to a local memorial hospital.

At that time the wound on the left arm was quite deep and the artery, bone and ligament were damaged. This big injury is also a hard thing, but the most mysterious part is that Berrios, who was damaged, did not understand why Camacho was angry so far and did not understand violence and suddenly attacked It is that it became a form to be done. Furthermore, according to the police, Camacho responded very badly that Mr. Berrios would leave the place, he said he was holding down "not go anywhere here."

Camacho said he was charged with attempted murder. Berrios commented, "I am grateful to God for being alive."

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