There are 6 kinds of designs in total, Ayanami Rei's Original Drawing Illustration also has "Eva Hot Tumbler"

Soy sauce Mayohkin Burger,Sakusaku sausage rollIt is "Eva Hot Tumbler" that Lotteria that has launched a new product named "Eva Hot Tumbler" came out as Todome.

Speaking of LotteriaEvangelion: New Theatrical EditionWe have been doing many collaborative projects with, and since October 2010 we have already launched all four new campaigns again. This time the tumbler"Evangelion Calendar 2011" released from the beginning of OctoberThis is the 2nd step that follows.

So, I bought all 2 kinds of tumbler at once. Details are as below.
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Tumbler is 2 kinds, 1 piece is 1000 yen.

The handle was Ayanami Rei and the first machine.

Usage notes. Even though it's a hot tumbler, it's out to put something too hot. Also, since it is not a total seal, care must be taken because it will spill when lying down.

The size is slightly smaller than 500 ml PET bottle. It was sold last summerEvangelion Summer Drink BottleIt is a small swing.

The surface of the tumbler is delicately wavy. In this picture, just around the shoulder of Rei is dented.

If you remove the inside, there are three sheets.

Since the first machine pattern also contains three different types of sheets, there are six types of patterns in total. This is not a random encapsulation, three types on the left side of Ayanami Rei pattern, three kinds on the right side for the first machine pattern are included.

Depending on the combination it will be such a tumbler. It can be seen as a very stylish feeling with black and red from a distance perspective.

The mouth part was a sliding type in the summer drink bottle, but this time it was a type that pounds up and raised.

There are two free drink tickets for each tumbler.

Patterns are those of Rei Ayanami and those of Nerflogo.

The expiration date is until February 28.

Even so, despite the fact that there are many characters in Eva, there are many cases where Ayanami Rei is the center in this collaboration campaign of Lotteria, but is this because the person in charge is a fan of Rey .

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