"I do not want to give money to fans", Hikaru Utada mentioned the best album "Utada the best"

until nowIn August, we announced that we will suspend our activities within the year as "to concentrate on human activities" rather than artist activitiesHikaru Utada, a popular artist who did it,Utada Hikaru Single Collection vol.2At the same time, different record companies plan to release "Utada the best"about"I do not want fans to spend money"I revealed my feelings.

It is too naked comment, but what exactly was it?

Details are as below.
According to Utada Hikaru's official Twitter, "Utada the best" released from Universal Japan is an album unrelated to his own will, the best album released from EMI "Utada Hikaru Single Collection vol. 2 "and unveiled the release on the same day, unveiled that it does not have a good impression," If you are thinking of booking, please wait a while. "
Twitter / Hikaru Utada: An announced release from Universal Japan "...

In addition, regarding "Utada the best", it is said that there is nothing unpublished work in it, "I do not want to give money to fans, it is a thing that does not have a wholehearted feeling" and is stating a straight comment.
Twitter / Hikaru Utada: It is mine to be beaten up if it can not be sold, but honestly ...

In addition, regarding "Utada Hikaru Single Collection vol.2" released from EMI, it says "sincerity work", and the reservation of "Utada the best" began with respect to writing such things on official Twitter It is said that it became impossible to endure.
Twitter / Hikaru Utada: "Single Collection vol 2" is a sincerity piece ...

And I am worried that "Utada the best" and "Utada Hikaru Single Collection vol.2" will not be confused in the press.
Twitter / Hikaru Utada: The problem of yesterday's remarks being picked up by the press "Ut ...

By the way, it is about why this kind of situation happened, EMI has copyright on domestic works under the name of "Utada Hikaru", and the copyright of works for overseas released under the name of "Utada" is owned by Universal It seems that there is background in the background.

The official page of "Utada Hikaru Single Collection vol.2" and "Utada the best" is from the following.

Utada Hikaru - EMI Music Japan

Utada: Utada The Best

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