Dyna comnective familiar with cheap LCD TV and digital tuner to self-made bankruptcy

Digital terrestrial tuner of 4750 yenYaA real 32,000-inch LCD TV with a price of 30,000 yenIt was revealed that the familiar dyna conective in self cheap digital home appliances will self-go bankrupt.

Details are as below.
Big bankruptcy bulletin | Teikoku Databank [TDB]

According to Teikoku Databank, Dyna-Conective is leaving post office as a lawyer on 12th October, and it is said that Tokyo District Court is preparing for self-bankruptcy application.

The company was an independent video equipment maker established in June 2002 and was originally importing products of home appliance manufacturers in Taiwan, Korea, and China, but since 2004 it has imported its own brand "Dawin ) ", He said that he was engaged in the sale of digital home appliances such as LCD TVs, LCD monitors and terrestrial digital tuners at lower prices.

In the fiscal year ended May 2008, annual sales amounted to approximately 15.13 billion yen, but in part of the 18.5-inch liquid crystal television that was delivered to AEON in November 2009, the parts used for the power board Since smoking was caused by the incorporation of defective items into the product, the cash flow rapidly worsened as returned goods rapidly, it is said that this time it fell into the situation.

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