The famous "by design" by cheap LCD TV gets bankruptcy start procedure

In 2009 when the large LCD TV was not as cheap as it was now,Supplies 42-inch full HD LCD TV supporting double speed display at a price that cuts down 100,000 yenIt was revealed that Bye · Design, which was selling high cost performance products, received the bankruptcy start procedure.

Details are as below.
Flat-screen TV venture Buy Design Co., Ltd. Start bankruptcy procedure Decide to accept liabilities 1,455 million yen Large bankruptcy bulletin | Teikoku Databank [TDB]

According to this article, by lowering the price by procuring television panels and parts from the outside during the early stage of flat-screen TVs and outsourcing them to overseas manufacturers mainly in China, it is possible to reduce the price of major manufacturer products The price of about 50% of the price realized, buy and design that gathered topics seems to have received a decision to commence bankruptcy proceedings from the Tokyo district court on January 26.

The company posted annual sales of about 5,465 million yen in the fiscal year ended December 2005, due to aggressive marketing activities and deliveries to major mass merchandisers, and in the fiscal year ended December 2006, brand penetration According to Football World Cup Special Demand, increased number of dealerships, overseas market development and so on, annual turnover was about 7.5 billion yen.

However, the fact that employees were forced to cease sales in the American market in connection with a lawsuit alleging that leaked confidential information from American manufacturers, former workplaces, and price reductions for major manufacturers products advanced As a result, we posted a final deficit of approximately 500 million yen in the fiscal year ending December 2007.

In addition, we entrusted product importing business with Zentek Technologies Japan and entrusted the product importing business, but as ZenTech's incorrect accounting problem was found, etc., we faced difficulties in securing business funds as competition intensified As a result of sluggish sales due to the impact of such factors, sales in the fiscal year ended December 2009 were estimated at only 1,871 million yen.

Last October"Dyna コ ネ ク テ ィ ブ" which provided cheap liquid crystal television, digital tuner, etc. self-broke downBut as long as both of them have contributed to the popularization of LCD televisions, it is lonely to have been such a result.

Bydsign Corporation Official website of Bi-Design of LCD / Plasma TV

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