Major visuals of "Fractal" directed by Yamamoto Hiroshi started broadcasting at Noitamina in January

Animation scheduled to start broadcasting from January 2011 "fractal"The main character visual of" Hello! "Has been released.

"Fractal" is an ending dance of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and that of Yamakan who worked on "Kannagi"Yamamoto HiroshiAfter a long TV anime directorial work, the original story draft novel "Quantum FamiliesOf the philosophers / writers who have won the Mishima Yukio PrizeHigaki AzumaBut the scriptYuri OkadaI am in charge.

The seven visuals that match the world view set in the decadent future are from the following.
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The "fractal system" to manage the world is completed, and the future will be set in 1000 years after stepping into the paradise where mankind can live without working. Although the system was still operating even in this era, nobody was able to analyze the system, and I believed that maintaining just keeps believing that it is a condition of human happiness and no longer doubted. The story begins in a corner of a continent where such "fractal" began to collapse.

A herbivorous boy who lives on the frontier island, benefiting from the fractal system, Crane (14). Because you fell in love at first sight by helping Phryne, you will be involved in the incident.

Young priestess of the monaster who manages the fractal system, Phryne (16). Since I was born, I grew up at a monastery, so I got a bit of a lifetime away. I can help Krain leave the monastery and I was forced to leave the brooch and disappear.

Doppel, Nessa (10) who came out of the brooch left by Fleet. Unlike normal Doppel, it maintains a perfect girl type and can be touched by cranes. Because of its high functionality, it squeezes data lines and memory areas in the vicinity, communication between the fractal terminal and the server may become stagnant or the sensor may go wrong.

Enlie (13), the eldest daughter of the "Granitz family" within the "Lost Millennium" movement. It is a healthy daughter who pulls the organization as an elder brother · sunda's arm, but it raises a problem at the other side as it goes on demonstrating deep-sea crisis against its hard work as well. Because we do not put the fractal terminal in the body as part of Rosemire movement, you can not see Doppel unless you use goggles.

Sunda, 20, leader of the graniph family. In order to survive as a human being, it is necessary to have a world that does not rely on fractal systems, and we are planning to overthrow the system. Just as I am working with the organization at a young age, my mind is clear and cool, but sometimes it's hot and narcissistic.

Scientist, Barrow who manages the fractal system. He is a husband of Moran, who is devoted to the study for restarting the system and pours love affair to Flory who is the key. Therefore, standing at the forefront of rescuing Flune.

Moran who is the highest rank of fractal · system management "chief priest" and who will do system politics as a symbol of the monastery. In order to regain the happiness of mankind, we aim to regenerate the lost paradise world by restarting the system that continues to collapse.

Leaving the brooch looking for the cranes that disappeared and craning out with Nessa, you will know the secret of the "system".

For this work, three people including YamamotoI went camping camp around about December 2009I am planning the project and in particular the director seems to put in a spirit to the extent that I am prepared to "I will not retire if this fails".

The TV animation "Fractal" will start broadcasting at Fuji TV "Noitamina" and others from January 2011.

◆ Staff
Director: Hiroshi Yamamoto
Original: Mandelbrot engine
Series composition: Yuri Okada
Story draft: Higeki Hiroshi
Character original plan: left
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures
Production Cooperation: Ordet
© Fractal Production Committee

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