Commemorative goods that can get getting through 3 times are also included in the "Railway car museum" - Rental cars - unknown art piece "Exhibition Report Part 2

Part 1Continued from the railroad museum tomorrow from Saturday, October 9 "Toll-car ~ unknown art piece ~I will introduce the inside of the exhibition.

What we will introduce from now is a furniture in a freight car that can be said to be the main feature of the exhibition. It is a gorgeous decoration worthy of entertaining royalty and those that are fine-tuned, and it feels like art objects rather than practical items Yes. Also, although the contents of the exhibition are changed three times during the exhibition, it means that there are distributed items that can be gotten by going through frequently each time, so it can be enjoyed not once.

Details are as below.Railway Museum - THE RAILWAY MUSEUM -

Chapter 3 "Unknown Art". It is also a featured feature of the exhibition, which is also included in the title of the exhibition. It is not an exaggeration to say that Japanese traditional culture is being condensed as manufacturing of cars has involved companies that are representative of each era and companies dealing with the Imperial Household Agency.

First of all, it is a sliding door and a partition which was used in a car to drive in the eyes.

Sliding door of car no. 11 car charges cafeteria room. It was produced in Taisho 11 years and has been decorated with lacquerware and screw threads.

Partitions (Kikusui and Ogocidae)

Window frame of No. 11 cafeteria room (flowers of the four seasons)

Cloven wife, wooden sculpture, screw thread, embroidery and a comb-shaped gown decorated with various techniques.

Combed-type gowns (Chrysanthemum pattern and Phoenix)

This is a wood carved combliered wife arranged in the No. 11 cafeteria room (peony chrysanthemum sword)

Column of No. 11 dining room (iron wire tray)

It is said that various cultures are involved in cars, but their records are limited and it is difficult to know all stakeholders. Tadous car handled the majority of the fabric inside the car,Kawashima Textile CerconAnd the founder of Kawashima Jinbei and others.

Vehicle No. 8 Vehicle in front of the restroom (Phoenix and Fuji)

A nail hide etc showing the details of the metalworking.

Cushion's original picture "Roses in Nishiki" and a cushion made from it. It was made in 1980, and it is clear if you compare the high degree of completion.

The first cushion (2 generations) cushion was at the throne of a toll car.

It was in the throne of the No.2 (2nd) car to which the design of carnation was treated.

No. 12 charge car cushion in the rest room.

Cylinder type cushion of No. 2 (2 generations) rest room.

A table runner for decorative purposes put on the table separately from the cross

The origins of motifs used for textiles and wall decorations are carefully explained.

No. 3 (2 generations) It reproduces the throne that was in the throne of a toll car. It was manufactured for the Empress Dowager, but because it was scheduled to be used also for the crown prince, it is characterized by the eagle bird pattern which is often used for the furniture for the crown prince is.

Even the chair for the chassis is this luxury.

The partition (Huaxia) that was placed in the same place

"Wild chrysanthemums and roses" that existed at the throne of No. 12 car, which was the only painting in the venue

The figurine unknown figurine which was decorated in the throne of No. 12 charge car "Muroya Gunshot">

The ashtray which was in the present place of the current No. 1 charge car.

Vessel No. 12 Vase Vase in Ozaado (Chidori in Wave)

Fan of 10th car tower observation room and corner shelf. It is natural because it is within the train, but it seems that these furnishings were fixed to walls etc. so that they will not collapse while driving.

The light in the car toll was the oil light lamp used at the time of manufacturing No. 1 (first generation) toy car, then it seems that the light was shifted to electric light after the era.

This is the ceiling lamp of No. 11 canteen room. Gorgeous decoration is done.

It is a permanently exhibited car in the railway museum, but it is valuable so I can only see it through the glass. There was a space to take a commemorative photo with the mood like a ride on such a toy car.

This exhibition has various exhibitions besides what we have introduced so far, but further from October 9 (Sat) to November 8 (Monday) is the first period, the second period is November 10 ( Water) ~ December 13 (Monday), the third period of the last is from December 15 (Wednesday) to January 16 (Sun) of 2011, a part of the contents of the exhibition is replaced three times in total, every time Since it is said that commemorative cards to be taken at the time of leaving are changed, people who want to complete must go to the exhibition at least three times.

And valuable souvenirs given only to people who got 3 cards, this "genuine original bookmark" with gold plated finish (first come, first 1,000). Besides this, there are also gifts of the original arrival memorial card mount of 2000 first-come-first-served cards, and there is also a mechanism to tickle collector's mind.

Although it is an exhibition that will be held from Saturday, October 9, 2010 to Sunday, January 16, 2011, universities and vocational school students usually enter the campus as a "Campus Day" on Wednesday during the exhibition with a student identification card It seems that the fee will be half a price of 500 yen, and although I'd like to go to the railroad museum but I can not get the timing easily ... It is a good opportunity for those who say .... Because it is only valuable exhibits that can not be readily seen near by when you miss this time, a person who is interested may try carrying a foot once.

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