From June 22 movie "Ghost in the Shell ★ ARISE GHOST IN THE SHELL" All 4 copies released

"The fourth attack shell starts"It is a story of "beginning"By saying that "ghost in the Shell"Is a new series of"Ghost in the Shell ARISE"Was produced and the series was announced that it will be deployed as the all four part of the movie version from June 22.

Ghost in the Shell ARISE -GHOST IN THE SHELL-

Ghost in the Shell ARISE (kokaku_a) uses Twitter

Cast performers are responsible for general manager / character designKazuya Kurosawa, In charge of series composition / scriptOkata, Production I. G Producer'sMiku IshikawaMr. As a guest Professor of the Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio UniversityTsuyoshi Natsuno, At the Kadokawa ASCII Research InstituteSusumu EndoWas invited.

The event is "Now when you listen to the whispers of Ghost"Ghost in the Shell" Ghost in the Shell "from" Innocence "," Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX "" Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG "and the series of images of the succession series, Production IG Ishikawa Mr. Mitsuhisa entered the stage.

"The first is a manga by Masamune Shiji, the second is a movie directed by Oshii Mamoru, the third is a TV series directed by Kamiyama Kenji, this time the fourth, Kazuya Kofuse will serve as the coach" President Ishikawa talked about the position of the Ghost in the Shell.

Kazuya Kazuhiro, the coach, is called "I.G's last weapon"And I mentioned two reasons for" Why did you decide to use it as a final weapon since you do not use it? " One was that in the early twenties, Mr. Kose, who had supported I.G works in drawing director and character design, became 50's and was timing to miss the time to use if I missed it. The other is that the title of the Ghost in the Ghost in the world is not only in Japan, but around the world, and it is becoming a flow of 3D animated cartoons rather than 2D, so that you want to show the greatness of 2D animation. While Koose was supposed to serve as a coach with a strong feeling, although the anxiety point was "a story", since Mr. Kokase got a full breadth of confidence there, it was decided to enter as a series composition, This project is supposed to be started.

In the first half of the event, Mr. Tsuyoshi Natsuno and Mr. Susumu Endo, who are big fans of the Ghost in the Ghats, acted as guests and took a talk with Mr. Ishikawa.

Mr. Natsuno who was reading from the original seems to have received a shock when he encounters an animation, "Is there such an animation?" In SF, Mr. Natsuno likes "hard SF" that predicts the future in the constraint of being as faithful as possible to the law of physics. "It seems that such technology will be used like this," he said, simulating the props that come out and putting it in reality. Ghost in the shell is particularly reality among such works, I think that I am afraid that the age is gradually catching up with the shells. Since the Ghost in the Ghost in the drawing depicts a very likely future, "Resign from the management of the home appliance manufacturer if you are not watching the shells" "There is no work that is depicting this politely , I will do it without realizing it, "he said strongly.

Mr. Endo is currently serializing about BMI (Brain Machine Interface) and told that the brain and the computer are connecting. It seems that everything is going to be connected to the Internet and the next thing to connect next is already only the body, or turning over, asking what we are about to make the net , Mr. Endo. Currently, it seems that the seasonal theme is how the mind was born from the physical body, the body.

Mr. Natsuno says that there are few technologies in the Ghost in the Ghost in reality. As Mr. Natsuno himself is always carrying around the iPad mini and it is in a state that it can be examined immediately if there is something you do not understand and then if you can connect wired or wireless like a shell office it is coming to completion, It showed a view that this would not take 20 years. Also, indeed, the advancement of the "galloping" technique has also progressed considerably, and the era of prosthetic persons is running earlier is coming, and the era of "girls" has higher abilities will come in ten years It is said that it is. Regarding the advancement of technology, Mr. Endo also showed the same view as Natsono.

However, according to Ishikawa, Masamune Shirow, the original creator of the Ghost in the Ghost in the Shell, thinks that "there is surprisingly suppression power for humans", and it is amusing that if the car is floating in the air for 20 years There seems to be thought that because there is a characteristic like a pendulum that wants to go back though it seems to have advanced.

Yoshida Ana said that she was not surprised when smartphones appeared in front of us because of the grave shells seen in the 1980s and 1990s, the Ghost in the Shell was "a work that makes us feel unnecessary resistance to the future" That means "Prescription to the future" is expressed.

As an expectation for the work, Mr. Natsuno is evolving IT technology in the last few years, how the Ghost in the Giant Tsushi ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 I heard that it is fun.

It is said that the following is the contents of the PV video in the world that was released for the first time, and all the OP images are not composed at all, and it consists only of the main part video.

Army Secret Force [501 Organizations] belongs to

Whole body obstruction

Ego, memory, hope for the future

Theatrical screening will screen "Ghost in the Shell ARISE border: 1 Ghost Pain" from 2nd June (Saturday) for 2 weeks only. In addition, Blu - ray comes with a premiere theatrical release with a scenario, 8000 yen including tax. It is about 50 minutes in the main part in all four part copies.

Paid distribution also started on Saturday, June 22. General sales of Blu-ray and DVD (about 50 minutes of this program + image benefits) start from July 26 (Friday), Blu-ray is 7140 yen including tax, DVD is 6090 yen including tax

From the monthly Young Magazine No. 4 released on March 13 (Wednesday), the theater's advance sales viewing ticket will be on sale from March 30 (Saturday), and the "Ghost in the Shell ARISE ~ Sleepless Eye of Sleeping Eye ~ Start serializing.

Distribution distribution scheduled to start distribution at d animation store etc.

A comicalized version of the picture can be seen in the lower right

Here, the event speaker replaces, Kazuya Kellow with general director · character design, and Okata Ding of the series composition / screenplay are the entrance.

Mr. Kose, who directed himself at "Animation Mirai", a training project for young animators, but has never directed over theaters and television yet. This work started from 2010 when Mr. Ishikawa talked with Mr. Shiro "I want to make a new Ghost in the Shell" in 2010. Ishikawa says "Mr. Ishikawa reading plot and character drafts issued by Mr. Mr. Ishikawa passed" Okata san "to read this, it is about Okata-san", and then it seems that the director's story came to Mr. Yellowase .

Although Mr. Kose who said that at the beginning "It came down as a company", Mr. Shiro says what I first drawn as a character design received a request that "since the male character is real, I changed it to a design that was derived from the first "GHOST IN THE SHELL". That design that came up with that, Mr. Ishikawa said that the heart was tremoring for the first time even in a relationship of more than 30 years, saying "This is bad, Kose has got serious."

Okata who took on the series composition / screenplay received a great influence from the Ghost in the Ghost in the shell, so he talked about the enthusiasm of making the work with two of the feelings of giving back and the feeling of challenge. When I received the plot of "ARISE", I thought that "I am glad that such information is seen", and at the same time I also felt like I was thinking about this! However, since Shiro's setting had a clear vision and the degree of freedom was very high, it seemed to be asked "What can you make by looking at this?", So talk to the director closely I talked about making it.

Okata says that it is "a human story called Kusanagi element" that should not be shaken as a story. It seems that the element is caught as a human being, and it is said that it is making a living, and why the Kusanagi element became the Kusanagi element, also looking for something like human life that emerges because technology is developed . The plot itself seems to have been able to shake both in the past and the future from the high degree of freedom, but decided to do in the past in the meeting, the title "Ghost in the shell ice party ARISE" was decided At the moment, it was felt that the fourth Ghost in the ice crew moved variously.

Regarding what took time in spite of starting in 2010, although it can not be said to a bite, Mr. Ishikawa said that the element that Mr. Kose had drawn was bad. Mr. Yellowse's character is not finished form, it moves, it finishes after the correction of drawing director finally finally finished, so it is misunderstood by the customer at the moment of seeing, so the quality must be high considerably It seems that it was predictable from the beginning that it took long and it took time.

It was revealed that Mr. Okata also made no compromise about making works. Mr. Okata who has worked on several animation scripts so far thought that it would not be a big work initially because he understands that it would be a big work on the scene even if she wrote it carefully with the screenplay That's right, no matter what you write, Kanase does not oppose it at all, no one else goes away, so the taggers are steadily disengaging and their sense is paralyzed as it accumulates, "I guess it's okay ...... But it seems to be okay. Actually, when I saw PV, I showed my trust to the workplace "I. G is easy because there is no need to get hold of it."

Regarding music, as far as a person named Kenji Kanai, Yoko Kanno and the world has been in charge, the production committee says, "Is there anyone who can make a world of the skeleton world too far? Although there were voices, Cornelius was chosen because it can build this world by myself and can send out to the world. From Cornelius, I got a message saying that by attaching ARISE music, I could publish something different from the offensive shells so far.

And the new element revealed at the event is about casting. ARISE decided to renew the casting by saying that it can be said to be a "new offensive shell" in the story till the element is born in Public Security Section 9 two years earlier than the Oshii version set in 2029 became. Mr. Kanase says that the voice is not familiar to voice actors so much that it was judged by listening to the demonstration.

Kusanagi element: Maaya Sakamoto

Batou: Kenichiro Matsuda

Togusa: Arakaki Tansuke

ISHIKAWA: Van Maiyuki

Site: Takuro Nakagoku

Puzzle: Tadashi Ueda

Boma: Kazuya Nakai

Aramaki Daisuke: Koichi Kujuku

As a special guest, "GHOST IN THE SHELL" or "STAND ALONE COMPLEX" with "Kodomotoco(Kusanagi Elementary girl's right body) ", Mr. Sakamoto who appeared to be a shellfire fans himself appeared. Regarding what was chosen as the role of Kusanagi element this time, it seems that Mr. Kanase did not choose to be "Kodomotoko", but he said that he was presumed to be Mr. Sakamoto quite strongly.

The messages from each are as follows.

Sakamoto Maaya:
Although we are also very nervous because of cast renewal, as part of making the world of ARISE, we all want to do our best. When I joined the film in 1995, I was 15 years old, but I am really interested in being 32 when I am now at the same extension. Anyway, since I'd like you to play this important role by spending everything affectionate, thank you.

I also knew the Ghost in the grass for the first time was the 16th time. After 20 years, I will do everything by dragging all what I have learned into this work so far.

Kazuya Kurosawa:
Up until now I would have liked painting only pictures, but from now on, I have to work hard on various other things. Since I will do my best to keep expectations in mind as much as possible, I am doing my best even now with the staff, please, I would appreciate your help.

Ishikawa Mitsuhisa:
In this time, Kose is doing the coaching director, and the face of the contestant who is so so. There is a meaning of veteran, and there is a team where middle-ranking youngsters will challenge the battle. I am thinking of giving everyone a dream of excitement, so please take care.

Yoshida Naoji:
I also went to see the screening of GHOST IN THE SHELL at the age of 19. People who saw those same also came out on the front line and I think that it is a work that is done as an adult 's repayment. Today, the guests, I will take you to my regular program. Nippon Broadcasting 's Mu - com, if you do not mind, I'd like you to listen to the broadcast from 24 o'clock.

Production I.G President Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, General Director - Kazuya Kousase, Mr. Kusanagi Senior · Mr. Sakamoto Major, Series Composition · Mr. Okada.

Finally the OP image was swept away

In addition, the official website was updated recently.

A new key visual is a thing added to the element as well as the Public Security Section 9 members. Everyone, including Aramaki, is gradually rejuvenating because the era of the work is two years from GHOST IN THE SHELL.

New promotional images are also on the road.

"Ghost in the Shell ARISE" Preceding PV - YouTube

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