Culmination of Director Imagery, the movie "Paprika" appeared in tonight's NHK Animated Film Theater

I left this world missing on August 24, 2010Anime director · Mr. Imatin. "Tokyo Godfathers" and "Millennial Actress" among the director's works are listed as Academy Awards feature length animation prize candidate, and "Paprika" has been highly evaluated, such as being exhibited in the competition division of Venice International Film Festival.

This "paprika" will appear in the NHK animated film theater tonight.
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Paprika - Paprika -

"Paprika" is a movie of 4th work handled by Imatoshi. According to the contents which he was talking about in the interview by NHK, it seems that it was a work made with the feeling that "I have to make culmination."

Originally Mr. Yasutaka Tsutsui was a big fan of Mr. Today I was eager to make "Paprika" a movie, but the company that was distributing the movie "PERFECT BLUE" released in 1997 went bankrupt and the story was brought down He seems to have done it.

However, it continued to warm the idea afterwards, and it finally became a shape in 2006. Just like the 2002 movie "Millennial Actress", the image made with the theme of fusion of reality and imagination is expressing the commitment of the director to the details.

Broadcast is NHK - BS 2, from October 4 24:45 to 26:16.

◆ "Paprika" staff
Original: Yasutaka Tsutsui
Director: Imagine
Screenplay: Minakami Kogen, Imatin
Character design: Ando Masashi

◆ Cast
Paprika / Atsuko Chiba: Megumi Hayashibara
Hiroaki Tokita: Toru Furuya
Jiro Seiji: Toru Enori
Taro Shima: Hori Katsuyuki Yu

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