A parcel inside the keyed door ...... Clever advertisement of a security company that makes the inhabitants skimpy

If you go home and open the key of the condominium and find a box that you do not recognize inside the entrance, you suspect that someone invaded the room during your absence, especially if you live alone, you lose it.

Security companyADT Security ServicesIn an advertisement developed in Chile, when folded thinly and inserted from the gap under the door, it is a pop-up type clever flyer that opens in a box shape in the room and many people are asked " It is much easier than I have it. "

Details are as below.Copyranter: ADT shows how easy it is to break into your home by (fake) breaking into your home.

A pop-up type card that inserts into a space from the gap below the door is the capital of ChileSantiagoIt was said that it was distributed mainly in condominiums and apartments. Even if you are not out of the house, even if you have noticed this box at the entrance before the person who was staying in the house goes out, will not it be odd?

The state of opening the inserted box can be seen with the following movie.

YouTube - ADT Security Sytem Box

The card that is inserted from the gap of the door in a folded-out state opens with a mug mouth ......

I will jump strongly. It is said that a spring of rubber band is set on the inside.

At first sight it looks like a parcel.

With the ADT logo is written a message saying "It is much easier to break into your house than you think".

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