Published a special page introducing how Yodobashi Camera "self-cook" e-books

Service to revive sharpness of blade of cutting machineAndA site called "cutting book. Com" that allows you to trade books that have already been cut apart is set upWe are steadily expanding services for those who do so-called "self-catering" cutting books owned by themselves into e-books, but the way Yodobashi Camera of a large electronics mass merchant shops is self-catering We have released a special page introduced in detail.

Details are as below.
This is a special page released by Yodobashi Camera. The merit of converting books into e-books is that they can save and read with high quality without deterioration such as fading, "they do not have to worry about storage place", "carry a book that you want to read without worrying about the weight You can do it ". - Special Information - Read with Scanner Make your own e-book!

First of all you need something for your self catering. It is necessary to cut off the book's back cover, "cutting machine" to make each page separate, and "scanner" to read and digitized pieces of books digitized.

Paper cutters and rotary cutters that can be purchased relatively inexpensively are also introduced for users who say "Cutting machines are expensive." Is not it kind of kind?

After cutting the book, I just read it with a scanner. It is possible to digitize every kind of paper. In the case of a large number of sheets, "document scanner" which reads speedily and digitizes quickly is recommended.

Once you convert it to e-book, you can browse at anytime with iPad, iPhone, etc. All the items necessary for self-catering can be procured with the Yodobashi camera ...... It seems to be the reason why Yodobashi Camera launched a special page and introduce "self-catering".

If AppleAuthorized Japan Apple Reseller Agreement"When introducing the retail store that our company accepts so that you can not sell Apple products online,Post links and recommends Sony products rival for users who can not purchase Apple productsAlthough it is a Yodobashi camera that was doing, etc, attitude that shows flexible movement according to the situation in the world may be quite interesting.

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