"Shredded book. Com" that can trade books that have been cut

Cut the book that you own and convert it into an electronic book,Service to revive the sharpness of the blade of the cutting machine for those who do so-called "self-catering"Etc. are beginning to be offered, but you can buy and sell books that have been cut apartCut bookThe site called "The site was opened.

In short, since it is wasteful to cut books you want to convert to e-books and scan them after scanning, it would be a good idea to be able to sell books that have been cut for people who want to make them e-books in the same way? I think that it is a simple idea of ​​saying, is it possible to establish it?

Details are as below.
Saidanbon.com | Cut book book. Com TOP page

According to "Saidanbon.com (Cut book. Com)" opened on August 27th, the site is bookISBN (International Standard Book Number)It seems that it is a service that you can list only by entering.

Unfortunately, at the moment only comic sets etc. that the managers have sent for the test are not exhibited but it is possible to know how to buy and sell.

Saidanbon.com | Cutting book. Com cut item: Details of item 【Exhibitor】 Manager Kuroneko Mail OK! It is! Amazon First half comic book set 5 volumes

The books that have been cut are Yahoo! Although it was also exhibited in auctions, etc. When searching for "cut" or "cut", it will come out in rough strokes, but on the link below it is 12,000 volumes, it seems to be wondering where to put it even if you make a bid A number of comics have been sent.

【Completed comic】 Self-crafting e-book full volume set 12000 books price cut! - Yahoo! Auction

The fact that there are as many such exhibitions seems to be that there is some demand even for books that have already been cut.

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