Rental of "self-catering space" with a complete set of equipment for self-cooking e-books is started

Tablet terminals are starting to be released from companies such as Apple's "iPad", Sony's "Reader", Sharp's "GALAPAGOS", etc., as each tablet terminal is beginning to be released in full scale, stocks of stocks are cut and read by a scanner so that it can be used as an electronic book We focus on "self-catering" to be.

WhileServices that act on behalf of self-cateringThere are also such as "Although it wants to stick to the precious things sticking to the e-books themselves, such as rare books and doujinshi treasures, but it is costly to arrange the equipment ... but ... ..." for self-catering We have a set of necessary equipment and so on "Self cooking space"Rental has started.

Details are as below.
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According to the page of "aPad Akihabara store" handling Android tablet, it seems that we started renting "self-catering space" for self-cooking new e-books.

The service content is to rent "personal computer used for self-catering" "cutting machine" "scanner", the charge is 100 yen for 10 minutes. A self-catering lecture by the staff will also be held.

Introduction of the flow of self-catering by staff

First of all it is a book cutting. I hear that you do not need such a power.

Red light is a measure for cutting.

Just capture the cut book with ScanSnap. By the way, the equipment that will rent is a plus cutter "Cut width A4 PK - 513 L 26 - 106"Fujitsu's"ScanSnap S1500"Has become.

Completion of e-book. In addition, it is necessary to bring SD memory card and USB memory to bring home cooked data, but it seems that it is also possible to send it to your own mail if there is a small amount of data.

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