What is "Non-destructive self-catering" which does not cut or cut the book page?

Because the book is heavy and bulky, it is convenient to convert it to digital data such as PDF or JPEG so that it can be read by PC etc. if it is not attached to the form as a book. However, in order to convert the data, it is necessary to scan the book, and in order to scan it, you can not scan nicely unless the book is broken up once.

However, in the future, without cutting or cutting books,Non destructive self cateringIt may be the era of.

◆ What is "self-catering"?

ByRyuichi Ikeda

Scanning books and converting them into data is something like "extracting yourself (data)" from "self catering(じ す い) "is called. It is thought that the act of scanning to exchange manga and magazines on the net originated. Although there was an idea of ​​scanning books from the time the scanner appeared, there was not much Tsuwamono which scans the whole volume and converts it into data.

Although it is "self-catering" which was treated as a net slang due to its origins, some people thought that "organize my books as data and organize books" also appeared, and in the spring of 2010 iPad appeared and converted the data into books As a result of expanding that it was reading, it became commonly used as well. After the iPad appearedMaking a special page introducing the way the Yodobashi camera "cooks" e-books, The cutting machine used for self-cateringServices to revive sharpness of bladesIt started.

The etymology includes the meaning "to make it data by yourself""BOOKSCAN" will scan and send e-books when you send a bookA service that acts as a substitute for digital data (self-catering business) appeared as well. In the case of BOOKSCAN, it waited for 3 months from sending a book to becoming data, and gained popularity so that even membership registration can not be registered for a while.

◆ Problems of "Destructive self-catering"
Even saying "Scan books" does not copy paper fluently, so it can not be done so easily. The easiest way is to open the page you want to read and scan so that you can make a copy in the library. With this method, books and magazines with saddle stitching and hozza binding can be scanned easily because the page is full, but the back of the book becomes an obstacle and it can not scan neatly, due to radio binding and flat stitching which are frequent in paperback books and new books. Also, the original scan book will be hurt.

Therefore, in order to scan neatly, you need to cut the back of the book and break it apart. As a popular method,PK-513LIt cuts the back with pieces, and it disappears,ScanSnapIt is known to make it PDF or JPG. Cutting is instantaneous and scanning also finishes at high speed, so if you are a paperback book or a new book, the work will be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Plus stationery cutting machine "PK-513L"

Fujitsu's color image scanner "ScanSnap"

However, the problem with scanning the books apart is that books after the scan can no longer be read substantially."Shredded book. Com" that can trade books that have been cutIt is different if you use a service like, but you can not buy it in the second-hand bookstore in the town.

Also, to dismantle valuable books, even if convenience improves, it is hard to get stuck. I want to keep backups as data but I can not get this book again, the trouble is not exhausted.

◆ Do not disassemble "Non destructive self catering"
That comes out "non-destructive self cooking". It is one of the non-destructive self-catering to press a book against the scanner as mentioned earlier. However, there has been a method of "to nondestructively and cleanly scan" for a long time.

that is,She said that he shoots with a camera while turning over the booksomething like. For exampleScanner "BookDrive DIY" which can scan books for 1000 pages in one hourYou can put a book on a V shaped table and shoot two facing pages at once with two fixed digital cameras. However, the problem is that the equipment is large. The price is also about 400,000 yen, it is not something you can easily purchase.

Google BooksAlthough this method is adopted, the equipment which is used is the one with automatic page turning function of page, and it is roughly 10 million yen class. It can not be imitated by a very common person.

However, as the scanner evolved and self-catering became easier, cameras and surrounding environments evolved, making it cheaper and easier to achieve non-destructive self-catering easily.

The premise is the movie self-catering. "I wanted cooking easily anyway"Yonta 24Thinks, but in shortHow to shoot a movie with a picture of turning over a bookis. As the iPhone 4S camera became sophisticated, it became possible to take movies at a level at which characters can be read, and it reached a practical level, and the following is the method.

【Comfortable non-destructive self-catering】 Movie What is the method of self-catering? - YouTube

However, the movie self-catering "can not fly to the designated page, can not make a bookmark (I will note how many seconds it was when I finish reading in the middle), when the file size is big, It is subtle whether or not it is possible to read ". An application that solved this problem is "to take a picture when turning the page and record it on the camera roll when judging it stopped"Jucie.

This creates a way to "shoot a page in a movie, then cut the application by page" after that. Actually tried this methodMakakami diary YuAccording to him, he was able to cook himself in 10 minutes per book.

How to nondestructively self-cook 'E-book for iPad' with iPhone 4S in only 10 minutes - Maka Maki Di

The necessary equipment is mainly iPhone 4S and those that fix it. Using Jucie will cut the movie you shoot into images of each page, so if you use an application that converts it to PDF if necessary, you can complete the PDF conversion of the book. If similar applications come out for Android, even for Windows and Mac, you will be able to cook your own meal immediately if you can shoot videos.

Important books want to leave backups for something when there is something, but those who thought that it would be a little bit different ... should be able to do it easily if this is the case. Also, although Amazon's Kindle starts to expand in Japan within the year, electronic data does not remain for all the books published in the past, but if it is out of print and rare books with few copies cut it Because it can not be decided, this "non-destructive" should become major as a method of electronic book conversion in the future.

· Bonus
Incidentally, Ishikawa Oku Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, photographs at ultra high speed including all the pages turning over the page, estimates the deformation of the paper and converts the data into a flat state that can be corrected "Book flipping scanningI am researching the technology called " This is the state of the demonstration.

Book Flipping Scanning - YouTube

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