Various movies of non-destructive self-catering scanners

The other day,"Non destructive self-catering" which does not cut or cut the book pageWe posted an article about. In the article, I mainly introduced the self-catering method using iPhone 4S, but already around the world various scanners to realize nondestructive self-catering have appeared.

First of allBOOK SAVERIt is a cool scanner named "Cool.

ION Audio Book Saver - YouTube

Two women sitting opposite the desk. Currently, it is non-destructive self-catering.

This is a man working like a PC with a PC next to it, but it is also in a state of non-destructive self-cooking.

The self-catering procedure using BOOK SAVER is 3 steps. First of all, I will lift BOOK SAVER by hand.

Next, turn the page.

The book is in a state that it is opened like this in this way.

Place BOOK SAVER there and press the "Scan" button at hand to complete the scan.

BOOK SAVER has an SD card slot, and all the scanned image data is saved on the SD card.

If you pull out the card and insert it in the PC, the data movement will be completed soon.

You can enjoy e-books anytime and anywhere with this.

Unfortunately although we aimed for commercialization, this BOOK SAVER has decided to discontinue development in early 2012.

Next, it is a scanner that semi-automates its BOOK SAVER.

High Speed ​​SemiAutomatic BookScanner - Boston ALA 2010 - YouTube

This semi - automatic nondestructive self - catering machine seems to be able to scan 2000 pages per hour.

The principle is the same as BOOK SAVER, and it is to shoot facing pages in one go. The scanning motion is semiautomatic operating with foot pedal, only page turning is manual.

The table on which the book is placed during scanning is pressed hard on the scanner and scanning with high accuracy is carried out.

Looking inside it looks like this.

Book Flipping Scanning - YouTube

In the case of Google, it seems that page turning is automated using air.

And at the end we posted it in the previous article, but probably it will be the ultimate form, "Book Flipping Scanning".

Until now, in order to scan a book, open the book, place it on the copy machine, press the copy button, turn the page after copying is complete, and place it on the copy machine ... Was necessary.

Even this is a copy of only a few pages, it takes too much time to scan the entire book.

Here is the concept image considered there. Hold the iPhone, you will fluctuate the pages of books ... with the fluently fluent .......

This will never happen if the scan is complete.

Based on this image, the book actually made is a prototype of the system somehow.

By shooting at high speed while turning over pages of books, we digitize the books themselves rather than page units.

Therefore, it is possible to rotate the page in a state like turning the page halfway.

Even if the page is distorted at the time of scanning, it can be corrected to the correct shape.

If you are a recent book you do not have to bother to scan the data at the time of trafficking but there are many things that have already been destroyed when older, or there is nothing like that in the first place. There should be many people who can help everywhere if nondestructive self-catering that spreads these books as much as possible spreads. I wish for the rapid spread.

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