"Non real existence senior makers" that uncover the non real entities you are hiding

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Family "I will become an instant buddha. I can not open it."Because I do not know the reason that I said that because of the fact that the male who was 111 years old on the family register has actually been dead with a white background in the past years, since Aomori CityA woman of 184 years old, In Ehime prefecture Shikoku Central CityA 158 year old man, In Kagawa prefecture's Munnou townA woman of 169 years old, Noshiro city in Akita prefectureA 170 year old maleIn such way, longevity born one after another is discovered one after another.

That is why "non real existence old men" is to uncover "non real existence old people" that exist only in the family register found all over Japan in this way. Details are as below.
Non real existence senior makers

Easy to use, enter a name and click "Diagnose"

The result comes out. What what……"GIGAZINE hid an old man of the same age as Edogawa Ranpo (1894 year old, 116 years old on family register) in his pocket. "We do not come out of the monitor" for police investigation."……Is that so!

If you click "Tell me exact !!!" you will see a different result and if you click "Tweet results with Twitter", it will drip onto Twitter, and if you use the Copipe for the lower part, you can paste it anywhere I will.

· Additional information on 2010/08/27 20:59
According to a manager Twitter, "Published in GIGAZINE, 27 million PV in a dayThat's right.

· Additional information on 2010/08/27 21:32
"Even if I misunderstood it sang um ... / 27 million, not 27,000 mistakes !!! ('@ ω @ `)"apparently.

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