Official site opened for "SaGa (Saga)" series latest work

In 1989, as the first RPG work of Game Boy "Makai Towashi Sa · Ga" was released, the remake work "Saga 2 Hippo Legend GODDESS OF DESTINY" commemorating the 20th anniversary of last year was released by Square Enix"SaGa (Saga)" seriesThe official website was opened today.

In addition, it is announced that the latest series works will also appear.

Details are as below.
This is the official site of "SaGa (Saga)" series which was opened today. In addition to the introduction of the latest work and a list of past works, it is linked to the related product page of the Saga series, the 20th anniversary special page of Saga birthday, the members' site celebrating the 20th anniversary of birth, and so on.


In addition, information on the series will be uploaded at any time from now on, but as of August 27, as for the latest work, no information is disclosed at all and only link to the following page It is.


If the latest work is not a remake work, it will be the original work since "Unlimited: Saga" released for PS2 in 2002, but again the title will be held next monthTokyo Game Show 2010Is it announced at ... ...?

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